Virtual Outdoors – People behind the scenes

People behind the scenes

Here you can find introductions of the people in our project group. In addition, there are many other people behind the scenes who aren’t listed here.



I’m a passionate marketing and communications woman from Lahti UAS and I currently work as a coordinator in the Virtual Outdoors project.

My favourite thing about Finnish nature is the variety of seasons. I just love to walk beside the blooming trees in Spring or sit under the birch after a sauna in the Summer. Or just make me stand on the wintery mountains in Lapland or make me dive into a pile of colourful autumn leaves and I’ll love it too.



I am working as a project manager and nature tourism specialist in LUAS. In addition, I work on R&D in the field of digital and multichannel information, nature and wellbeing. I’m a keen cyclist and love to cycle in Europe.




I’m Anna and I’m doing my internship for my BBA studies as a project coordinator for Virtual Outdoors in Lahti UAS.

My job is to keep everything rolling on the set and behind the scenes. Sometimes you can see me in the front of the camera, too. I’m also responsible for Outdoors Finland social media channels, so don’t forget to follow us!

The best thing in Finnish nature is that it is clean, fresh and relaxing.




Hi, I’m Jake and I’m currently studying media technologies in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I film, plan and edit videos in this project!

I am a passionate nature lover and have been spending time in nature ever since I was a child.

I look forward to bringing our beautiful nature in a virtual form!



I’m Henri, lecturer and programme leader of the media technology degree programme at Lahti University of Applied Sciences. In this project on my responsibility, together with my students, is to make Virtual Outdoors Portal alive.

Nature has always been close to my heart. I’m feeling lucky since when I’m leaving to work on Spring mornings I’m capable to watch the mating dance of swans and crane birds next to my own yard. And in the autumn if I like to pick some blueberries, it’s only five steps from my backyard. And guess what, if I will not collect them, you can come and pick them up.




I’m a principal lecturer from Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I work in the field of ICT, namely software engineering. In this project I’m responsible in co-operation between Virtual Outdoors project and LUAS ICT-students. I’m a coder (nerd) and a passionate road cyclist, especially in the summer.




I’m a Senior Project Manager from Karelia UAS and I have been involved in many Karelia’s digital and multimedia services to tourism. In Virtual Outdoors project I’m in charge when we – senior lecturer of audio visual media and students of media and tourism – will take videos about North Karelia beautiful nature. Nature, in any season!







Son of a fisherman and one in my own right. There is no better way to spend a summer than in the middle of the Saimaa region, surrounded by clean waters and nature. In Finland we have fantastic, clean, beautiful and rich nature and anyone can enjoy what it has to give. Fresh berries, mushrooms, game, fish and herbs make it possible for us to have a delicious cuisine and as the head of research at the University of Eastern Finland Centre for Tourism Studies I wish that the Finns and tourists would realize how special and wonderful our nature is.






I am working as a project manager and specialist for the Haaga-Helia’s subproject. In addition, I am a principal lecturer at the Faculty of Digital Economy, and working on R&D in the field of digital services and business.

Beauty, cleanness and diversity are the best things in the Finnish nature, and its greatness!




I am Toni and I’m studying at Haaga-Helia UAS in Helsinki. I’m doing my internship for my journalism studies as a cameraman. My job mainly contains filming and photographing, but also video editing and planning.

The best part of Finnish nature is absolutely that it is near you, no matter where you are staying. You can even walk from the centre of Helsinki to the nearest nature areas.




I’m Lauri and I study information processing at Haaga-Helia UAS in Helsinki. I’m one of the cameramen on this project and I also do some editing and planning.

I love to hike in Finnish forests. It’s just great to get out of the city once in a while and to eat outdoors in the fresh air.




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