Samara State Technical University for foreign students

Samara State Technical University is one of the Volga universities. It has a wealthy history, established traditions. The university has a developed sociable sphere and something department. At the disposal of students and employees of Samara Status Technical University a library, the book account of which is approximately 2 million volumes. A samara state technical university , an outpatient medical center, a tourist bottom part in the area of ​​the Zhigulevsky Reserve, a Polytechnic entertainment middle for 300 people and a hotel work at the college or university. There is also its own sanatorium dispensary, the diagnostic and treatment bottom of which allows a thorough exam and treatment of many diseases. Additionally, for students, treatment and diet are provided free of charge. A lot more than 1200 students stay in college or university dormitories.

After the 11th grade and passing the exam, I needed two choices whether to enter the Polytechnic or the railway institute. I went to the Polytech at the Faculty of Automation and IT (FAIT), it was in 2009 2009. In the first calendar year, I immediately joined the neighborhood STEM and university student council, so my student life commenced. The first students began, absenteeism, sessions, term documents, KVNs, and generally speaking a full group of students. Once they even wished to pay back for bills. But I loaded up on time and shut down all debts, and as a result I was able to surface finish this educational establishment. Univer offered me many good friends and vibrant impressions, that I can say many thanks to him.

She studied at SamSTU from 2003 to 2008. I wish to say a great deal of good stuff about this university or college. Firstly, I joined the USE without problems, although I really do not consider myself a ”nerd.” Through the training, I only one time ran into a instructor who frankly extorted money. All the rest were principled and accurate. The team generally gathered professors of the best degree professional and incorruptible, that they honor and reward. I think that I got a great education. He got a good job by using the team after graduation. Through the training there have been opportunities to go set for sports, go to the pool, the electronic library, the dining room at very affordable charges for students. In general, I really do not regret which i studied at this university or college. Now I work in the creation and the knowledge gained at SamSTU, I still use it.