Porvoo, Virvik tour, 19.4 km


19.4 km


The Virvik Recreation Park, extending from close to the centre of the City of Porvoo to Pieni Pernajanlahti Bay, includes excellent trails in a diverse setting, a golf course in the grounds of a manor, a nature trail, a small boat harbour and a beach suitable for swimming in the sea. There are several different trails and trail combinations to choose from in the recreation park.

  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • Trail markings: Marked with wooden signposts
  • Suitability: For persons in good physical condition

Trail description

The trail begins at the Joonanmäki fitness track and continues along the edge of the forest. The trail goes to the Humla Cottage on a dirt road in the middle of a forest of deciduous trees, occasionally passing by beautiful meadows and fields. On the way to the Holken lean-to, the forest becomes thicker, and you pass old pine trees in a dense coniferous forest, travelling through verdant wetlands covered in birch trees. The walk to the lean-to passes through an old heritage forest. At the Holken lean-to, typical Finnish lakeside scenery with whispering rushes comes into view.

Good to know

The trail to the Holken lean-to is challenging. The other trail routes are easy. In the garden of Humla leisure activity cottage is an outdoor grill, firewood storage and an outhouse. At Holken, there is a lean-to, a campfire site, firewood storage and an outhouse. The lean-to has excellent views over Lake Gåsgårdsträsket. There is a small pier at the shore, from which you can take a swim. There are steep rises and descents on the trail to the lean-to in rocky terrain, which is slippery when it rains.

Difficulty level

With the exception of the last section to the Holken lean-to, all trails are on easy, even dirt roads. There are some steep rises on the road, but the even surface makes them easy to negotiate. The last section of the trail to the Holken lean-to is challenging.

To start the trail

Joonaksentie 8
06100 Porvoo
N60 23.361 E25 40.639


  • Several trail options
  • Very varying environment
  • A comfortable resting place at the Holken lean-to


Photo gallery of Virvik trail: