Lahti-Hollola-Vääksy-Lahti, Vesijärvi tour, 85 km


85 km


Landscapes around the beautiful Lake Vesijärvi vary from farmland to forest areas and charming small villages. There are comfortable accommodation options and nice sights along the tour. It’s worth to take a break to admire the Middle Aged stone Church in Hollola, stop for a coffee at beautiful Vääksy canal and visit Päijännetalo exhibitions until it’s again time to continue towards idyllic countryside. Tour can be finished at Lahti harbour with its several cafes and summer terraces.

  • Duration: 2-3 days
  • Distances:
    Lahti – Messilä 8 km
    Messilä – Vääksy 45 km
    Vääksy – Lahti 32 km

Route description

This popular cycling tour starts from Lahti following the shores of Lake Vesijärvi along quiet cycle tracks. The naturally beautiful Myllysaari island is a good place for a first break.The cycle track continues to Messilä Holiday Centre, where it’s hard to resist to take a swim on the beach on a beautiful summer day.

After Messilä the route continues along the edge of the road until Kurhila village where you can find a cycle track again. The sights on this part of the route include the majestic medieval stone church of Hollola, Kiikunlähde spring lake in Uskila and Hammonjoki river fly-fishing area. You can visit Kiikunlähde spring by taking a detour of approximately 2 km from the intersection of Isomyllyntie and Hatsinantie. Route continues along the edge of the winding road to Kurhila, where is a cycle track following the road in beautiful countryside landscape.

After crossing the road 24 there is a sand road from Kurhila to Asikkala church. From here to Vääksy there is again a good cycle track. Vääksy is located in the isthmus between two big lakes, Päijänne and Vesijärvi, in the historical and charming landscape of Vääksy canal. Besides the canal, Vääksy is known from its cafés and small shops, offering a great surroundings for a break.

Route continues along the edge of the road through the most beautiful countryside. At Vesivehmaa the fields come down to the side of the road 24 going to Lahti. There is a cycle track following Vesivehmaantie road to the intersection of road 24. The landscape is characterized by the variety created by mounds and valleys.  Finland’s National Board of Antiquities has classified the area as a nationally significant built environment.

After crossing road 24, the route continues along the side of the road through charming Paimela, where you can see lake Vesijärvi on the background of beautiful countryside landscape. From here the route follows the shores of Vesijärvi through residential areas. The route passes the Historical Mukkula manor and its gardens. From Mukkula, the trail returns to the starting point through cycle tracks and Lahti harbour.

Good to know

Vesijärvi tour is excellently suited for all who want to try out cycle touring. It’s also suitable for families with children. The route from Lahti to Messilä runs entirely on cycle tracks. On other sections route follows variably the side of the route or cycle tracks. The traffic on the roads is light. The elevation does not vary much, although there are a few steeper hills along the way. The road surface is tarmac except on the 4 km long section between Kurhila and Asikkala church, where is a sand road.

To start the tour

Lahti bus station Jalkarannantie 1 15110 Lahti N60 59.069 E25 38.976



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Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf route guide with maps (FIN-EN)

Download a printable pdf route guide with maps (DE-RU)

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Irma’s bed and breakfast
Tarjantie 14, 15900 Lahti
+358 407 559 065

Messilä Holiday Center
Hotel, cabins and barn accommodation. Restaurant.
Messiläntie 308, 15980 Hollola
+358 386 011

Camping Messilä
Camping area, restaurant, beach
Rantatie 5, 15980 Hollola
+358 387 6290

Villas and Cabins
Lehmonkärjentie, 17320 Asikkala
+358 376 663 30

The Pätiälä Manor cabins
Pätiäläntie 211, 17320 Asikkala
+358 407 693 053

Pulkkilanharjun huvilat
Rental villas and cabins
Pulkkilantie 359, 17320 Asikkala
+358 376 663 69

Hoimelan tila
Rental cabins
Hoimelantie 49, 17320 Asikkala
+358 405 301 927

Saittan koivuranta
Rental cabins
Jyväskyläntie 352, 17200 Vääksy
+358 505 528 460

Old styled Accommodation in Vääksy
Vääksyntie 18, 17200 Vääksy
+358 407 617 690

Rental villas and cabins
Jyväskyläntie 352, 17200 Vääksy
+358 405 423 867

Mikkolan retkeilymaja
Anianpellontie 1, 17200 Vääksy
+358 376 627 58

Hotel Tallukka
Tallukantie 1, 17200 Vääksy
+358 388 881

Iso-Naappilan loma
Rental villas and cabins
Salonsaarentie 486, 17200 Vääksy
+358 400 711 208

Salonsaaren lomakylä
Rental huts and rooms
Halkoniementie 88, 17200 Vääksy
+358 376 696 10

Villa Uranlinna
Rental cabins and barn accommodation
Urpiontie 109, 17150 Urajärvi
+358 400 491 645

Urajärvi holiday village
Rental cabins
Urajärvenraitti 72, 17150 Urajärvi
+358 376 671 71

Sipilän lomakylä
Rental cabins, smoke sauna
Sipiläntie 9, 17130 Vesivehmaa
+358 505 012 699

Kenraalin maja
Rental cabin
Hietasentie 28, 17130 Vesivehmaa
+358 378 442 42

Kaapinlähteen kievari
Barn accommodation, smoke sauna
Savontie 715, 15230 Lahti
+358 400 611 025

Mukkula Camping
Rental cabins, camping area, beach
Ritaniemenkatu 14, 15240 Lahti
+358 375 353 80

Mukkulan Kartano
+358 600 550 120

Rental cabins
Kirkonpellontie 77, 15230 Lahti
+358 409 119 301

Cycling Services

Järvisen pyörä ja urheilu
Bike rental and service
Rauhankatu 6
15110 Lahti
+358 378 246 29

Leppäsen Pyörä
Bike service
Karjalankatu 2
15140 Lahti
+358 378 314 00

Lahden Polkupyörähuolto
Bike service
Launeenkatu 80
15610 Lahti
+358 373 391 83

Suomen Polkupyörätukku
Bike service
Kauppakatu 17
15140 Lahti
+358 406 861 110


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Lahti Region – Travel portal

Lahti region’s tourist info
Aleksanterinkatu 18
15140 Lahti
+358 0207 281 750