Pyhtää, Valkmusa Nature Trail, 2.4 km


2.4 km


Most of Valkmusa Nature Trail travels over duckboards in a large bog area in Valkmusa National Park. At the centre of the bog there is an observation tower where you can observe the area’s birdlife, such as the nesting osprey. Due to its bog landscape, the nature trail is unique among the trails in Southern Finland.

  • Duration: about 1 h
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked clearly with signposts. There is an information board at the start of the trail with a map.
  • Suitability: The trail is also suited to families with children, but is not wheelchair accessible.

Trail description

The trail travels through a bog landscape. Just 250 m after the start of the trail, a large expanse of bog surrounds the duckboards. The observation tower, which is 850 metres away, provides a place to observe many bird species, such as the nesting osprey. The trail features cloudberries characteristic of bog areas and the Finnish carnivorous plant drosera or sundew. Valkmusa is a place where the whole family can birdwatch and admire bog nature. There are suitable areas for resting at the foot to the observation tower and on wider spots of the duckboards.

Good to know

The trail is suitable for regular training shoes, since it travels over duckboards at the bog. In the summer, the bog can be quite warm, but in cool weather the wind can get quite chilly.

Difficulty level

The trail travels primarily over wide duckboards and has barely any elevation. Sections of the trail travel on paths with some tree roots. There are places to rest at the foot of the observation tower and along the duckboards. There is an information board at the start of the trail. The trail is marked with signposts, and the trail over the duckboards is extremely straightforward. 1.3 km from the start of the trail the trail diverges, and the left path is not marked.

To start the trail

Valkmusa Nature Trail parking area
Vastilantie 886
49220 Pyhtää
N60 34.316 E26 42.305


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Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf-leaflet with map:
Valkmusa Nature Trail


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