Väliväylä canoeing route, Lappeenranta-Kouvola, 155 km


155 km


Väliväylä is known as an old log floating route connecting Lake Saimaa and Kymijoki River. Route is characterized by narrow lakes and rivers following each other and displaying a variety of beautiful views on the way. It is the southernmost watercourse of Finnish Lakeland with a colorful history of log floating and Finnish industrialization. Here you can experience one of the cleanest watercourses in Southern Finland with several rest spots and services along the route.

  • Duration: about 4-8 days
  • Suitability: Suitable also for beginners and families. There are a few easy rapids along the route.

Route description

1. Myllysaari – Tervankeittoniemi 8 km
2. Tervankeittoniemi – Saisaari 6 km
3. Saisaari – Kähö 12 km
4. Kähö – UiriNniemi 9 km
5. Uirinniemi – Kotkatsaarensuo 12 km
6. Kotkatsaarensuo – Parkunlahti 8 km
7. Lemi – Iso Rapasalo 14 km
8. Parkunlahti – Parkkisaari 8 km
9. Parkkisaari – Huopaisenvirta 8 km
10. Huopaisenvirta – Ämmänniemi 6,5 km
11. Ämmänniemi – Tuohiainen 11,5 km
12. Tuohiainen – Kannuskoski 10,5 km
13. Kannuskoski – Pyötsiä 9 km
14. Pyötsiä – Tirvanjärvi 9 km
15. Tirvanjärvi – Miettula 12 km
16. Miettula – Lappalanjärvi 14 km
17. Lappalanjärvi – Kuusaanlampi 12 km

The section between Lake Saimaa and Kannuskoski consists of beautiful lakes and short slow moving rivers. From Kannuskoski to Kouvola the route is dominated by river with few smaller lakes. After Kannuskoski the current is getting faster with some rapids on the way.

First kilometers of the route goes along Lake Saimaa with several route options to choose from. This sections is characterized by several rocky island and summer cottages by the lake. Open waters of Saimaa end at cape Orjainniemi, where the route turns left and continues towards a narrow Kähönsalmi strait. After passing under road 13 from Lappeenranta to Mikkeli route continues towards a narrow and dark watered Lake Jängynjärvi. Next bigger open water area is at Lake Kivijärvi where route continues westward along nice beach at cape Sarviniemi to Hartunsalmi bridge. From here it is only a short distance to reach the services in Jurvala and Luumäki. Route continues westward to Lake Ala-Kivijärvi and Lake Kelkjärvi, where you can spot old log floating constructions. Lake Tuohtiainen is the last lake before reaching Kannuskoski village.

Kannuskoski village offers good opportunity to refill food supplies since the village is only a short walking distance from the route. From Kannuskoski there is Lake Ruokojärvi before more remote areas and faster moving water of Kyykoski and Sulunkoski rapids. Route continues in forest landscape past Vääntäjän tila, offering accommodation and equipment rentals. Ahead is Lake Immasenjärvi before Pajukoski rapid and Lake Tirvajärvi. Kuirinvirta River takes you from Lake Tirvajärvi to Lake Kepsunjärvi, where is a beautiful rest area at cape Jaakonniemi, offering a good place for a break before crossing Lake Rapojärvi. At Rapojärvi the route continues south towards beautiful Jyräänkoski Rapids flowing in nice forest landscape to Lake Käyrälampi known from its beautiful sandy beaches and Camping area. This is the alternative ending spot for the route. Option is to continue through Jokelanjoki River, Lake Lappalanjärvi and Harjunjoki River before reaching Kymijoki River and Kuusaanlampi lean-to shelter. Kymijoki is a big river and the current can be strong at times, even though there are no actual rapids on this section of Kymijoki River.

Good to know

At Kannuskoski there is a Tolpankangas Nature trail close to the route. The trail introduces the effects of the Ice Age in this area.

Difficulty level

The beginning of the route is mainly on lakes with two places where one has to carry a canoe over a short distance between lakes. Thus the beginning is easy as long as you consider the wind conditions in the open water areas. From Kannuskoski to Kuusaanlampi there are several easy rapids and four places where one has to carry a canoe over a dam. The rapids are quite stony requiring a durable equipment during low water levels.

To start the route

Myllysaari kayak shed
Myllysaarenpolku 45
53100 Lappeenranta
N61 04.128 E28 12.012

Kärenlaavu lean-to shelter
N61 01.960 E28 00.022

Kannuskoski landing spot
Väliväyläntie 851
46530 Kouvola
N60 57.886 E27 14.581


  • Lake Saimaa
  • Rock paintings along the route
  • Log floating history

Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf route guide with maps (text in Finnish):Väliväylä kansi


Outdoors Finland mobile app (in Finnish only)



Taavetti holiday centre & camping
Rantsilanmäki 49, 54510 Uro
+358 20 719 9771

Lemin maja
Pajatie 4, 54850 Kuukanniemi
+358 40 5433 204

Lakka Villas
Sarkalahdentie 67, 46530 Kannuskoski
+ 358 50 5421914

The house of thousand tales
Nikkarintie 124, 46530 Kannuskoski
+358 50 530 3471, +358 500 410 275

Vääntäjän tila
Vääntäjäntie 257, 46400 Kaipiainen
+358 5 333 727, +358 400 525062

Tykkimäki camping (Käyrälampi)
Käyrälammentie 20, 45200 Kouvola
+358 5 321 1226

Canoeing Services

Flowpark (Lappeenranta)
Myllysaarenpolku, Lappeenranta
+358 400 861561
Equipment rental at Myllysaari kayak shed during opening hours

Repovesikeskus (Kouvola)
+358 44 781 7411
Equipment rental, transfer services, guided tours

SeikkailuviiKari (Kouvola)
+358 500 862 862
Equipment rental, transfer services, guided tours

Vääntäjän tila (reitin varrella)
Vääntäjäntie 257, 46400 Kaipiainen
+358 5 333 727, +358 400 525062
Equipment rental, transfer services, guided tours, meals