Savitaipale, Traces of the Ice Age – Stone Age Man, 15,3 km


15,3 km


The trail travels through landscape marked by the Ice Age. The trail features many types of forests, mostly groves and ridges. Lake Kuolimo offers lovely lake scenery, and the part of the trail following the lakeside is one of the most beautiful on the trail. The quiet forest is inhabited by squirrels, and a lucky traveller may even meet a capercaillie.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Trail markings: The start of the trail and the lean-tos have information boards on the trail. There are signposts along the trail, and it is marked clearly with red markings. 
  • Suitability: The trail is ideal for those looking for a long trail. You can also take an optional trail that is 11.3 km long.  

Trail description

The trail starts at the Lepänkanto recreational area by Lake Kuolimo. There is a beautiful sandy beach and a campfire site in Lepänkanto. Soon after Lepänkanto the trail leads into a forest and on top of a narrow and steep ridge. Along the trail there are information boards on the Ice Age and the life of the Stone Age man. The trail follows the lakeside of Lake Kuolimo on a narrow path and duckboards before arriving in Rovastinoja. Rovastinoja is a hut built in the Stone Age style out of peat, wood and animal skins. From Rovastinoja the trail continues along forest and dirt roads.

When you come to the sign for the Pomperi Circuit, you must decide whether to take the shortcut or walk the whole trail, including the Pomperi Circuit. The circuit adds about 4 km to the trail. The circuit travels along dirt roads and a narrow path around Pomperi fields. The circuit also features an old tar pit. The crossing of Lepänkannonpolku and Lepänkannontie brings you back to the main trail whether you decide to take the shortcut or walk the entire trail. From here, the trail travels through heath terrain, mainly along dirt roads, but you will also encounter a delicate grove.

Good to know

7.2 km after the start of the trail you must take the turn for the Pomperi Circuit if you want to walk the entire trail. The sign for the Ice Age trail (“Jääkauden jäljet”) marks a shortcut. The trail occasionally travels high on top of the ridge. A short section of the Pomperi Circuit travels along the busy Mikkelintie road. The trail is long and the only rest areas are at the start and in Rovastinoja.

The Sääksjärvi hiking trail travels south of Mikkelintie. In Savitaipale near Partakoski there is also the Orrainpolku Trail, which is about 9 km long. You can start the canoeing route of the Kuolimo Circuit in Savitaipale.

Difficulty level

The first part of the trail is mainly narrow paths and forest roads until the Rovastinoja lean-to. From there, the trail features narrow dirt roads, occasional paths and duckboards. There are two short and steep 35–40% rises near the start of the trail, but mostly there is little elevation and the passage is easy.

To start the trail

Lepänkanto recreational are, parking area
Myllylammentie 311
54800 Savitaipale
N61 12.518 E27 36.607


  • Clear lake Kuolimo
  • Prehistoric residence Rovastinoja
  • Stone Age – Ice Age theme


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Traces of the Ice Age - Stone Age Man


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