Luumäki, Tolpankangas Nature Trail, 5.3 km


5.3 km


The trail winds past high ridges and heath terrain through landscapes shaped by the Ice Age. The glacier, which melted over 10,000 years ago, scoured the ground and tore the rock, shaping the landscape into its current form. There is a lean-to in a nice location by Lake Karhulampi.

  • Duration: about 2 h
  • Trail markings: There is an information board at the start of the trail. The trail is marked clearly with signposts until the lean-to, but there are no markings or signposts after the lean-to.
  • Suitability: The trail is suitable for the whole family. The lean-to and swimming spot are only 800 metees from the start of the trail.

Trail description

The trail follows a forest road through heath terrain and then becomes a narrow path. The Ice Age has shaped the terrain into ridges, which bring nice variety to the trail in the form of changing scenery and elevation. The trail follows a ridge top before descending down to Lake Karhulampi. There is a leanto in a lovely location by the lake. After the lean-to, the trail continues and rises back to the ridges. Later it becomes a dirt road, which narrows down and travels through the forest.

Good to know

There are no trail markings after the lean-to, so a map is advisable, even though the trail does not have many twists and turns. A photo of the information board will also suffice. The Väliväylä canoeing route from Lappeenranta to Kouvola passes through Kannuskoski. Kyykoski in Kannuskoski is a popular place for fishing in the rapids, comprising several short rapids. Fishing licenses can be bought from Väliväylän etappi or Kannuskosken myymälä.

Difficulty level

The first 2 km of the trail travel on a wide path and forest road, after which the rest of the trail is along dirt and forest roads. There is some elevation along the trail, and close to the start of the trail there are a few short, moderately steep 20–30% rises. The surface of the trail is easy to walk on.

To start the trail

Tolpankangas Nature Trail parking area
Lakkalantie 340
54590 Luumäki
N60 58.558 E27 17.568


  • Beautiful Lake Karhulampi
  • Well-equipped rest area
  • Varying ridge terrain


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Maps & guides

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Tolpankangas nature trail


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