Hollola, Tiilijärvi tour, 8.6 km


8.6 km


The trail meanders around three lakes in the beauty of nature. The trail starts at the Heinsuo Sports Centre along the duckboards of Soisalmensuo Bog to the Tiirismaa TV mast, and from there it continues on via Lake Keski-Tiilijärvi to the beach of Lake Vähä-Tiilijärvi. The trail passes through good hiking trails, paths, forest roads and duckboards at two different sections.

  • Duration: about 3-4 h
  • Trail markings: Trail is partially marked
  • Suitability: Requires good physical condition

Trail description

The easy hiking trail goes towards Soisalmensuo bog, which can be crossed on duckboards. The Soisalmensuo bog is a typical raised bog, where the centre of the bog is higher than the edges. Hare’s-tail cottongrass and sedges grow on the edges along with sphagnum moss, and you can pick cranberries at the bog in the autumn. After the bog, the challenging part of the trail that will speed up your heart rate begins. The path rises up towards the top of Tiirismaa Hill for over a kilometre. There is a total increase in elevation of 67 m over a distance of 1 km. After this, the trail descends even more steeply than it rose – 71 m over a distance of a little more than 0.5 km. The rest of the route passes through mixed forest on forest roads and paths. You can hear the birds singing; over 120 nesting bird species have been found in the Tiirismaa Hill area. The Vähä-Tiilijärvi beach is located at the end of the trail.

Good to know

There are two beaches suitable for swimming along the trail, which ends at the popular Vähä-Tiilijärvi beach. The hiking trails of the Salpausselkä Recreation Area also start at the same place; the trails go all the way to the Lahti Sports Centre.

Difficulty level

The trail is moderately challenging, which makes it unsuitable for complete beginners. There are several rest areas along the trail.

To start the trail

Tiilijärventie 9
15870 Hollola
N60 59.574 E25 30.857



  • Soisalmensuo Bog, a part of the Natura 2000 network
  • Tiirismaa Hill, 222.6 metres above sea level, is the highes point of Southern Finland
  • About 200 bird species may be spotted in the area. Over 120 bird species nest in the area and about 80 bird species migrate through the area.


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