Hartola-Sysmä, Tainionvirta river, 43 km


43 km


On a canoeing adventure from Hartola to Sysmä, the canoeist goes through a land-scape rich in cultural history, amid lapping waves and the sounds of water birds. The trail is suitable for the whole family. It can be taken at weekends, for example, from early spring to late autumn. Duration 2-4 days Suitability: From beginners to experts. There are couple faster rapids on the way, but they can be passed by carrying a canoe for a short distance

Route description

PARTS OF THE ROUTE: Koskenniska – Gasthaus Camping Koskenniemi 3,6 km Gasthaus Camping Koskenniemi – Keijulankoski campfire site 4,0 km Keijulankoski campfire site – Kirveskoski dam 3,8 km Kirveskoski dam – Haavistonniemi lean-to (Huutoniemi) 5,6 km Haavistonniemi lean-to (Huutoniemi) – Maatiaiskoski dam 9,9 km Maatiaiskoski dam – Rouvasaari island 3,3 km Rouvasaari island – Virtaankoski dam 4,8 km Virtaankoski dam – Camping Sysmä 7,6 km CARRYING POINTS AND DISTANCES Hotilankoski Dam 170 m Kirveskoski Dam 80 m Maatiaiskoski Dam 30 m Virtaankoski Dam 50 m The route starts from Koskenniska in Hartola where Tainionvirta river starts flowing from Lake Jääsjärvi towards Lake Päijänne. In the beginning there is faster but short Ekonkoski rapid from where the route continues at a leisure pace through small rapids, calm pools and couple lakes until Arriving to Lake Päijänne and Sysmä. Along the way you see a varying landscape from Hartola village to forest areas and lake landscapes. An experienced canoeist can go through the trail in 2 days. If you want to enjoy canoeing, the nature of the lakes and rivers and the beautiful views, you should set aside at least 3 – 4 days for the trail. Accommodation is available along the route. The route can also be divided into shorter sections For more detailed route description download our pdf route guide of Tainionvirta river.

Hyvä tietää

Canoes and can be rented from Hartola. In the beginning of the route you can find Ekonpolku Nature Trail which shows you the natural and man made sights of the area. Tainionvirta is a popular river fishing destination. The fishing season starts in early spring as stoneflies hatch. For more information about fishing licenses etc. check our pdf route guide of Tainionvirta river.

Difficulty level

There are six class-1 rapids along the route. When water is high, Ekonkoski and Vanhanmyllynkoski flow quite fast, and must always be checked beforehand. The rapids can also be passed by carrying the canoe. There are four dams along the route (see page 7), and the canoe must be carried past each of these. Water level varies according to seasons and rain. On higher water levels the rapids are flowing faster producing bigger waves. Respect the safety instructions available in our pdf route guide.

To start the trail

Koskenniska, Hartola Aurinkorannantie 86 19600 Hartola N61 34.042 E26 02.823 Canoeing can be started also from Gasthaus Camping Koskenniemi, Kirveskoski dam, Krouvin Camping and Virtaankoski dam. Hartola is easy to reach by public bus connections. Other starting points are reachable by car. There are few daily bus connections between Sysmä and Hartola.


Itä-Häme museum

  • Four lakes along the route
  • Varying river landscape

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