Padasjoki, Savottapolku trail, 4.5km


4 km


The Savottapolku trail is one of the trails in the Evo Hiking Area. The theme of the trail is the history of logging the area and its hermit inhabitants. The Evo Hiking Area is one of the largest forest areas in Southern Finland, and the Savottapolku trail goes through the north-eastern part of Evo, in the Tarusjärvi Hiking Area. On the trail, you can learn more about the life of lumberjacks in the 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Duration: about 2 h
  • Reittimerkinnät: The trail is marked with lynx’s paw markings
  • Suitability: The surface of the trail varies a lot, and the terrain is undulating.

Trail description

One of the logging cabins along the trail is located at the start of the trail. The logging cabins are a reminder of the history of lumberjacks in the area. The trip starts on duckboards and along a grassy path. Next, you arrive at Kristian’s slashand- burn farming cabin. The end of the trail is slightly more difficult, due to the surface of the trail and the changes in elevation. The path goes through thick coniferous forest and small bog areas. The Evo nature consists of relatively dry pine forest, characterised by plenty of small lakes and ponds.

Good to know

At the starting point in Kelkute, there is a campfire site with firewood and a well. There is also the Kelkute logging cabin at the starting point, which can be rented. The other cabin available for rent, Kristian’s slash-and-burn farming croft, is located along the trail. At the nearby Lake Koveronjärvi, there is a camping site, a well, a toilet and a campfire site. The Evo Centre serves visitors at the Evo Hiking Area. There are plenty of activities to choose from in the area; you can canoe, practise orienteering and ski in the Evo Hiking Area. At the recreational fishing area, you can fish for planted salmon. You can try rock climbing at the Hakovuori Hill.

Difficulty level

There are duckboards and grassy paths at the start of the trail. After about one kilometre, the path becomes more difficult due to rocks and tree roots. There is a relatively steep rise and descent at the end of the trail. Sections of the end of the trail are rocky. When it rains, the tree roots and duckboards on the path are slippery.

To start the trail

Savottapolku trail starts at Kelkute parking area Kelkute parking area Kelkutteentie 491 17470 Padasjoki N61 15.417 E25 15.235


  • Kristian’s slash-and-burn farming cabin
  • Tarusjärvi Hiking Area in Evo
  • High ridges and the rich fauna of Evo Hiking area


Photo gallery of Savottapolku trail: