Nastola, Sammalistonpolku trail, 3,8 km


3.8 km


The Sammalistonpolku trail circles two lakes on even 3 ground. The whole trail is located in a nature reserve. Half of the circle trail is right next to the shore. The proximity to water, the wild bog and lake scenery with the water fowl and the new lean-to with its campfire site attract hikers to the trail.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 h
  • Trail markings: Marked with yellow markings
  • Suitability: Suitable for families with children, not suitable for prams or pushchairs

Trail description

The start of the trail follows orange markings on an old forest road, which change into yellow markings at the boom. The Sammalisto forest road along the way crosses a few brooks, leaving the Sammalistonsuo bog that remains in its natural state to the eastern side. From the end of the road, the trail continues south on a path and reaches the Sammalisto shore after passing through a spruce forest. There is a lean-to on the shore. The trail continues on a narrow path on the shore and, from the dim light of an old spruce forest with mossy ground, you arrive at Lake Lapakisto. At the end, the trail returns to a familiar forest road through the spruce forest.

Good to know

You can take a shortcut to pass the section following the Lake Lapakisto shore by returning directly to the Erämaantie Road from the southern end of Sammalisto and following it to Ristikangas. From the Sammalistonpolku trail, you can continue to longer circular trails, such as the Kalliojärvenpolku trail (marked with green markings) or the Mustavuorenpolku trail (red markings). From Lapakisto, you can reach Pajulahti via connecting trails, where you can start canoeing on the Kymijärvi–Kymijoki canoeing route.

Difficulty level

The Sammalistonpolku trail is easy to follow, and the terrain of the loop is almost level; the few hills are short with gentle rises. The section on the forest road is particularly easy. The path that follows the shores is a narrow natural path, which means that there are small obstacles on the path such as tree roots, single rocks or wet spots.

To start the trail

Starting point is in the beginning of Sammalistontie road. Ristikangas Sammalistontie 8 15540 Nastola N60 59.288 E25 51.979 Area is easiest to reach with a car by turning right from Ahtialantie road to Ohrapääntie road. After 1.3 km road changes to Siltalantie road and after another 1.7 km road changes to Ristikankaantie road. From here it is 1.4 km before turning to Sammalistontie road from where the trail begins.


  • The trail is surrounded by several small lakes and ponds
  • A lean-to right at the lake shore
  • Bog scenery in Sammalisto


Photo gallery of Sammalistonpolku trail: