Virolahti-Miehikkälä-Lappeenranta, Salpapolku trail, 55 km


55 km


In 1939 – 1940, Finland fought the Winter War against the Soviet Union. After the Winter War, the eastern border seemed vulnerable, and the Finns embarked on the largest building project in their history. To protect the border, the Salpalinja was built as a line of defence that was 1,200 kilometres long and extended from southern Finland to Lapland in the north. At the height of the work, 35,000 men were building hundreds of forts and obstacles on the border. On the Salpalinja hiking trail you can get acquainted with dugouts, fortifications and museums, not to mention the surrounding nature.

  • Duration: 3-4 days
  • Trail markings: Marked with blue paint marks and Salpapolku signposts. Intersections have guide signs.
  • Suitability: Suitable for whole family, but is not wheelchair accessible. Partly suitable for bicycling also.

Trail description

Parts of route:
Majaniemi – Harju 7,5 km
Harju – Bunker museum 8,7 km
Bunker museum – Pyyhinlampi 12,3 km
Pyyhinlampi – Salpalinja-museum 7,8 km
Salpalinja-museum – Muhikko 5,7 km
Muhikko – Hostikka cave 12,9 km

Along the Salpapolku, there are more than 20 dugouts and fortifications in good condition. The signposts tell you about the Salpalinja locations and their history. Animals and plants thrive in the large, sparsely inhabited forests.

From Majaniemi, small footpaths and quiet gravel roads run to Pyyhinlampi, some-times between antitank fortifications. The Bunker Museum is located along the way. At Pyyhinlampi you can take a break at the campfire spot and go for a swim from the jetty. From Pyyhinlampi, the trail continues through quiet forests to Salpalinja Museum. Before the museum is Jermula, where you can reserve a cottage or a ‘kota’ hut for 20 persons and a sauna. There is also a lean-to and a swimming spot at Jermula.

After Salpalinja Museum there are rest spots on the way, with lean-to’s and campfire spots, for instance at Myllylampi and Muhikko. The trail winds along quiet forest roads and occasional footpaths, all the way up to Hostikka Cave.

Download our pdf brochure of Salpapolku for additional information and maps

Good to know

One should prepare well for this long trail passing through forests: good packed lunch, enough water, proper clothing and map. Trail can be divided in several legs. Transportation can be organized by Kymenlaakson taksi. You can also overnight in the lean-to shelters by the trail. Parts of the trail from Ravijoki fire station to Pyyhinlampi and from Salpalinjamuseo to Hostikka cave are also suitable for mountain biking with little variations.

Difficulty level

There are few changes in elevation on the trail, and the terrain is mainly easy to navigate.The steepest ascents and descents are around 25 per cent. The signposts become fewer towards the end of the trail. The route runs along gravel roads and wooded footpaths, some of which have tree roots and rocks.The paths from Ravijoki Fire Station to Pyyhinlampi and from the Salpalinja Museum to Hostikka Cave are also suited to cross-country cycling. Cyclists must take short cuts to avoid the most difficult sections, which go through the dugouts and anti-tank fortifications.

To start the trail

Majaniemi Virolahti
Majaniementie 38–40
49980 Virolahti
N60 29.304 E27 33.818

Transportation to the start of the trail and its different sections:
Kymenlaakso Taksi
tel. +358 (0)5 230 7180

Timetables for regular bus traffic:


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Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf brochure with map:
Salpapolku kansi


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A villa for 8 people.
Inquiries and reservations:
Katriina Törönen
Tel. +358-400-252 111

Harjun Oppimiskeskus accommodation
Inquiries and reservations:
Katariinankuja 19, 49980 Ravijoki
Tel. +358 (0)44 739 4040

Peltola accommodation
Inquiries and reservations:
Kuivalantie 623, 49760 Suur-Miehikkälä,
Tel. +358 (0)40 526 9338

Muhikko sauna- and hut
(link is only in Finnish)
Inquiries and reservations:
Kymenlaakson virkistysalueyhdistys ry
Vartiotie 4, 45100 Kouvola,
Tel. +358 400 45 22 70

Village blacksmith’s inn
Kyläsepän Maja
Muurikkalantie 8
Inquiries and reservations:
tel. +358 443 447 449

Hiking Services

Bunker Tours – Guided tours to Salpapolku
Terho Ahonen
+358 (0)40 5040 293

Reservations to Ravijoki firestation rest place’s sauna
+358 (0)400 882 060

Motti Sauna for reservations,
Salpalinja-museum, Miehikkälä
+358 (0)50 543 8036

Rantaharju sauna for reservations
Harjun Oppimiskeskus, Virolahti
Sauna for up to 30 persons
Grill shelter, pier and rowing boat
Puh. +358 (0)5 229 5500

Café Etuvartio,
Salpalinja-museum, Miehikkälä
Café and restaurant for reservations
+358 (0)50 543 8036


Salpalinjan salat (Salpalinja’s secrets) -blog


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Bunker museum
Vaalimaantie 1318
49960 Ala-Pihlaja
+358 (0)40 710 7340
Café, restaurant, shower, toilets, fireplace

Säästöpirtintie 70
49700 Miehikkälä
+38 (0)44 383 5091
Café, restaurant, shower, toilets, fireplace