Kymijoki, Pyhtäänhaara route, 55 km


55 km


Running smoothly in a landscape with variety, Kymijoki takes the canoeist through forests and open fields. The water mainly flows at a leisurely pace, and the canoe moves along almost by itself. Along the way there are also some faster rapids.

  • Duration: 2-4 days
  • Suitability: Route is also suitable for families and beginners

Trail description

Inkeroinen – Huhdanniemi lean-to 3.9 km
Huhdanniemi lean-to – Susikoski lean-to 6.2 km
Susikoski lean-to – Kuovinkallio lean-to 5.6 km
Kuovinkallio lean-to – Kultaa lean-to 5.2 km
Kultaa lean-to – Hirvivuolle dam 6.9 km
Hirvivuolle dam – Hirvikoski 5.8 km
Hirvikoski – Antinranta (swimming beach) 5.7 km
Antinranta – Koivuviikki – Klåsarö 8.6 km
Klåsarö – Stockfors power plant 4.0 km
Stockfors power plant – Struka lock 4.4 km

Hirvikoski 100 m
Klåsarö 50 m
Stockfors power plant 70 m

Route starts from Inkeroinen, where is a a concrete slipway and parking area. The broad, smoothly running river takes you through countryside landscapes. Faster rapids amd flows on the way offer more speed and challenge for those who seek them. Susikoski, Kuovinkallio and Kultaa lean-to shelters offer great options for breaks.

The most remote part of the route starts from Kultaankoski rapids. At Tammijärvi there is a short section passing through a lake. Antinranta has good places for tenting. Route ends at manually operated Struka lock.

The most challenging rapids can be passed through easier route or canoes can be carried to pass the rapids.

Chech our pdf route guide for more specific information and detailed maps.

Good to know

Valkmusa Nature trail in Valkmusa National Park passes close to the canoeing route.

Kymijoki is the most important salmon river in Southern Finland. Many other species of fish can also be caught there. In the area of the canoeing trail, pikeperch (zander) is an especially desirable catch. It grows quickly in the river. The strong asp and the rainbow trout, planted in the river ready for fishing, are other impressive species. Read more about fishing opportunities and licenses from

Difficulty level

The trail includes the following classified rapids:
Martinkoski (Ahvio) I – I+ (II) with flood
Kotokoski (Ahvio) I – I+ (II) with flood
Hirvikoski I – II (III) with flood

NOTE! The water height varies with rain and the seasons. If the water is high, the flow will speed up. Follow the security instructions available on our route guide.

The trail is also suitable for families and beginners. Depending on the water situation, the trail has four rapids that require canoeing experience (Piirteenkoski, Martinkoski, Kotokoski, Hirvikoski) as well as three dams. The dams are passed by carrying the canoe on land. It needs to be carried for approximately 100 metres at a time. The landing spots are in good condition and easy to use. You must have your own lunch on the trail. It can be enjoyed at the campfire sites along the way.

To start the trail

Parking area at the end of Lauttatie road
Heikkiläntie 27
46900 Kouvola


Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf route guide with maps:
Kymijoki kansi

Outdoors Finland mobile app (in Finnish only)


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