Hamina, Portimo trail, 8.3 km


8.3 km


Portimo Trail is part of the Portimo network of trails and is ideal for day trips. The scenery and topography of the trail are diverse. The observation tower on the top of Siliävuori Hill has lovely views of the trail and the surrounding forests. The lean-to on a hilltop along the trail is a good place for a break.

  • Duration: about 3 h
  • Trail markings: There are blue paint markings on trees and a few signs
  • Suitability: The trail is also suited to families with children, but is not wheelchair accessible.

Trail description

The Portimo Trail starts at the foot of Siliävuori and climbs to the top, where an observation tower gives a great view over the surrounding landscape and nearby lakes. The descent from Siliävuori is by a narrow trail surrounded by a spruce forest. The trail continues along narrow dirt roads past several lakes. At the south end of the trail, there is a 700-metre loop that offers a chance to see the Kotterinmäki stronghold of the WW2 Salpa Line. The rest of the trail travels through varied birchwoods and heaths. In the autumn, the trail attracts many people picking mushrooms. The area around the trail is very quiet and peaceful. The Portimo Trail features a lean-to with a campfire site and toilet.

Good to know

The trail can be extended by combining it with other parts of Portimo trails. Visithamina.fi website contains information about the other nature trails in the area as well.

The start of the trail is 13 kilometres from Hamina along Husulantie, so day-trippers can travel the first part of the trail by bicycle

To start the trail

Vehkarinteentie 99
49570 Hamina
N60 40.228 E27 08.710

There is a parking area next to Siliävuori hill, which is the starting point of the trail. Other option is to start hiking at Salpalinja memorial next to Kannusjärventie road. Starting points are easily reached by car or bicycle.


  • Observation tower on Siliävuori Hill
  • Kotterinmäki stronghold of the World War 2 Salpa Line
  • Good and diverse mushroom picking in the autumn


Photo gallery of Portimo trail: