Tammela, Pohjantikka tour, 4.6 km


4.6 km


The Pohjantikka tour in Liesjärvi National Park is a hiking trail that starts in Korteniemi and follows the shore of Lake Liesjärvi. Liesjärvi National Park is part of the Häme Lake Upland, whose rugged wild forests are dominated by forested lakeshores.

  • Duration: about 2 h
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked with with blue diamond shapes made of wood
  • Suitability: The varying terrain presents some challenges for hikers

Trail description

The trail proceeds through varying terrain, first following the Hämeen Ilvesreitti trail. The trail features spruce forests, primeval forests and a bog. The first part of the trail is a forest track. After three kilometres, the terrain becomes wetter and the trail has duckboards. In Pitkäkärki there is a small meadow with a barn and beautiful views over Lake Liesjärvi. The rest of the trail proceeds next to the fields.

Good to know

You can easily leave the trail for a bit to explore the Ahonnokka nature trail, where you can see old virgin forest. The nature trail is 1½ km long and features information boards about the animals of the forest. The trail network is part of the Hämeen Ilvesreitti hiking trail network, which includes over 200 km of trails.

Difficulty level

The first part of the trail along the forest track has some rocky patches and tree roots. The trail features duckboards. After the duckboards, the trail continues along a fairly easy trail. The trail features some changes in elevation.

To start the trail

Korteniementie 269
31380 Tammela
N60 39.207 E23 53.875




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