Padasjoki, Päijänne-Ilves trail, 13 km


13.0 km


The Päijänne–Ilves trail starting from the Padasjoki Guest Harbour is a connection to the Evo Hiking Area. The scenery of the trail is pleasantly diverse, and you can continue to the other trails of the area from Evo. You can also navigate the trail in the other direction, and visit the waters of Lake Päijänne and its hilly scenery at the Padasjoki end.

  • Duration: about 5 hours
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked with yeallow paint and ribbons
  • Suitability: Variable trail for people looking for a day trip

Trail description

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At the start, the surface of the trail is easy to walk on and there are few changes in elevation. The scenery includes villages and the countryside. In the village of Nyystölä before the middle section of the trail, there is a Cudgel War memorial and the inn Onnenmyyrä. The end of the trail includes more inclines and rocky places, and the scenery also becomes more forested. The trail ends at the Iso-Tarusjärvi Hiking Area. The trail passes variously over bicycle, dirt and forest roads as well as along narrow forest paths.

Good to know

In the Evo Hiking Area, there is the Ilves-vaellus hiking trail system of roughly 70 kilometres. There is a lean-to along the trail before the end, roughly 2½ kilometres from Tarus. The lean- to has a campfire site, firewood, a toilet and an information board. At the end of the trail in Iso-Tarusjärvi, there is a campfire site, a car park, a camping site and a beach for swimming. At the start of the trail in the Padasjoki Guest Harbour, there is a café and restaurant that is open from morning to night in the summer season. There is also an inn along the way, offering accommodation and restaurant services to order.

Difficulty level

In rainy weather and in the morning dew, the grassy sections are wet, making waterproof footwear a necessity. At the end of the trail, due to the rocky areas and paths that are narrow and soft in the rain, hiking shoes are recommended.

To start the trail

Starting point: Padasjoki quest harbour Laivarannantie 14 17500 Padasjoki N61 21.744 E25 17.705 Ending point: Iso-Tarusjärvi Taruksentie 290 17510 Padasjoki N61 17.295 E25 15.562 You can start the trail from either end. Padasjoki can be reached by bus with several daily connections. Closest bus stop is in the centre of Padasjoki, about 2 km from Padasjoki quest harbour. At Iso-Tarusjärvi there is a parking area for cars.


  • Cudgel War memorial in the village of Nyystölä in Padasjoki.
  • The Frans Joosef Pond and its surrounding forest at the end
    of the trail
  • Evo Hiking Area


Photo gallery of Päijänne-ilves trail: