Savitaipale, Orrainpolku trail, 9.4 km


9.4 km


Orrainpolku Trail provides a lovely introduction to the nature around Lake Kuolimo. Along the trail, the scenery changes from pinewoods to luxuriant mixed forests along with some bog landscape. The highlight of the trail is the magnificent Luotolahti Hill. The trail features two rest areas with lean-tos and opportunities to swim in Lake Kuolimo or Lake Onkilampi.

  • Duration: about 4 h
  • Trail markings: The start of the trail and the lean-tos have good information boards on the trail. There are signposts along the trail, and it is marked clearly with red markings. The signs and markings are clear throughout the trail.
  • Suitability: The trail is ideal for those looking for a challenging trail. However, there are only a few very steep rises and descents

Trail description

Orrainpolku Trail follows a narrow path and duckboards through verdant forests and over rocks. The climb to the top of Luotolahti Hill is fairly steep, but those who make it are amply rewarded with extensive views of the surrounding area, including Luotolahdenkapia Sound and Lake Kuolimo. From the hill, the trail descends down to the lake and travels the along shore to the Luotolahti lean-to opposite Sorvasaari Island. There is a pier from which you can take a swim in the clear waters of Lake Kuolimo. The next lean-to is by Lake Onkilampi, and on the way there you can also see some bog landscape. From Onkilampi, the trail continues along narrow paths towards the finish. Almost all of the long trail travel through wild heath landscapes. The dominant tree is pine, with lingonberry and blueberry bushes covering much of the ground.

Good to know

The trail has some high sections along with slippery rises and descents. The trail is fairly long, so packing a hearty lunch is advisable. Another hiking trail, Traces of the Ice Age – Stone Age Man, is also part of the Savitaipale trails, but it is not in the immediate vicinity of Orrainpolku Trail. You can start the canoeing route of the Kuolimo Circuit in Partakoski or Savitaipale near Orrainpolku Trail. The Great Saimaa Circuit cycling trail also goes past Orrainpolku Trail.

Difficulty level

Orrainpolku Trail travels through varying terrain along paths and forest roads, with duckboards over wet terrain. The sides of Luotolahti Hill are steep both going up and going down. Stony places with tree roots hinder the rise and descent. There is much elevation along the trail, but there are only a few steep places (>35%). There are clear signs and markings to help hikers.

Reitin alkuun

Orrainpolku parking area Partakoskentie 1522 54800 Savitaipale N61 18.085 E27 38.200


  • Luotolahti Hill
  • Clear Lake Kuolimo
  • Numerous wilderness lakes


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