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20 km


The trail in the western part of the Evo Hiking Area 3 goes through stunning natural landscapes. The cultural history of the region is represented by old logging cabins, which are available for rent. The Evo Hiking Area offers hikers a total of 8,500 hectares of land for hiking on beautiful marked trails

  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • Trail markings: Marked with green paw prints on white
  • Suitability: For people in all physical conditions and of all ages; not suited to persons with reduced mobility.

Trail description

The trail starts at the Evo Centre. Leaving the centre, the first part of the trail is on asphalt road, but it soon becomes a dirt road and nature trail. Later, the trail becomes a more challenging grassy trail. After the grassy stretches, the trail is more enjoyable forest tracks and nature trails. After the leantos, the trail is extremely attractive, featuring winding forest tracks for the most part. The nature along the trail is verdant hardwood forest and with stunning bog areas with duckboards and signage.

Good to know

There are no campfire sites between the start point and the connected lakes of Lake Niemisjärvi. There is a café/kiosk between the lakes in the summer. There is a beach suitable for swimming on the shore of Alinen, the lower lake in Lake Niemisjärvi. Lake Vähä-Koukkujärvi is ideal for children, who can practise fishing there with the help of their parents, for example.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of the trail is medium, and the break areas are situated along the upper and lower lakes of Lake Niemisjärvi about halfway through the trail. There are lean-tos and a camping area by Lake Niemisjärvi. The trail features duckboards, which are in good condition. It is sensible to travel the trail over two days and spend the night either at the lean-tos or the camping area, which is free of charge.

To start the trail

Saarelantie 3 16970 Hämeenlinna N61 11.788 E25 06.473


  • Travels through stunning lake landscapes and extensive bog areas in the Evo Hiking Area.
  • Evokeskus
  • Extensive fishing opportunities


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