Mustijoki valley canoeing


69 km


Enjoy the feeling of a cool breeze on your face while cycling and canoeing through the River Mustijoki landscape. There are many charming, historic manor houses along the cycling route between Hyvinkää and Porvoo. The river flowing from Mäntsälä to the sea offers a variety of canoeing and kayaking routes in a beautiful and culturally significant environment.

Route description

Kalkinkoski–Hurankoski 12 km
Hurankoski–Hirvihaarankoski 1.4 km
Hirvihaarankoski–Lukkokoski 1.5 km
Lukkokoski–Nummistenkoski 6.5 km
Nummistenkoski–Halkiankoski 4.4 km
Halkiankoski–Lahankoski 4.5 km
Lahankoski–Kirveskoski 4.3 km
Kirveskoski–Alikoski 6.6 km
Alikoski–Vekkoski 6.8 km
Vekkoski–Hinthaara 3.8 km
Hinthaara–Tyysterinkoski 4.1 km
Tyysterinkoski–Kulloo boat harbour 8.5 km
Kulloo boat harbour–Emäsalon meriasema 4.4 km

Hyvinkää–Risku 8.7 km
Risku–Sykäri 5.8 km
Sykäri–Sälinkää 12 km
Sälinkää–Hirvihaara 15 km
Hirvihaara–Mäntsälä 5.6 km
Mäntsälä–Numminen 9.0 km
Numminen–Pornainen Church 12 km
Pornainen Church–Jokimäki 4.3 km
Jokimäki–Hinthaara 8.1 km
Hinthaara–Tyysterinkoski 4.1 km
Tyysterinkoski–Porvoo 18 km

The northernmost starting point for the canoeing is at Kalkinkoski. It is possible to park a car near the bridge. Canoeing starts from the bank on the right (when heading downstream). The surroundings along the route are mostly beautiful and peaceful countryside. It is nice to take a break at one of the cafés and other attractions. Rapids and carrying places bring variation to canoeing. More detailed route and rapid descriptions are found in our route guide.

Good to know

Many of the short sections of the canoeing route make up excellent, relaxing day trips for the whole family. Completing the whole canoeing route is more demanding, due to having to come ashore and carry the boat on a few occasions. It is important to check the route carefully before setting out, to ensure the chosen portion suits your skill and fitness levels.

Fishing areas requiring a special permit on the Mustijoki River are Lukkokoski, Nummistenkoski and the rapids at Pornainen village.

To start the route

The route can be started from various different places.

Northernmost starting place:

Kalkinkoski (canoeing)
Tikkatie 487
04740 Mäntsälä
N60° 42.359′ E25° 08.155′


  • Variable river landscape
  • Several old manor houses close to the route
  • Combination of natural and cultural landscape

Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf route guide with maps (FIN-EN)

Download a printable pdf route guide with maps (DE-RU)

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