Kouvola, Murja march trail, 17 km


17.3 km


This trail is characterised by high rocks and varying terrain. It is also a connection trail between Orilampi and Repovesi National Park. Olhavanvuori and its 55-metre vertical wall rising from Lake Olhavanlampi are favoured by rock climbers. The rugged landscape rewards hikers with stunning views in several places along the trail.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Trail markings: Marked with blue paint on trees and rocks and blue arrow signs. A the end, inside Repovesi National Park, there are orange paint markings on trees.
  • Suitability: For people used to moving in terrain

Trail description

Murjanvuori Hill with its great view over Repovesi is conquered right at the start of the trail. The trail continues north in a curving path until the Nuollahti Trail turns south towards the national park and Aarnikotka Forest Nature Reserve. The trail is characterised by varying terrain, much elevation change and paths through different kinds of forests. After Murjanvuori, you climb Nuollamminvuori, Pitkälamminvuori and Riuttanvuori before reaching the national park and Olhavanvuori. The rest areas are in Särkilampi about 4 km after the start and in Pitkälampi about 10 km after the start of the trail. The finish at the foot of Olhavanvuori features a timber lean-to and a campfire site. The scenery ranges from steep rocks to stretches of duckboards over bog. The trail also features some dirt roads.

Good to know

Sturdy footwear is advisable, since the terrain is uneven and, in wet weather, may be very slippery in places. Hiking shoes are a sturdier choice for this trail than training shoes. On high rocks, especially in wet weather, caution is vital. The only water taps are at the start and end of the trail. The foot of Olhavanvuori is a short walk away from Karhulahti, which has a campfire site, toilet and a shelter for rent.You can also order a boat taxi to Karhulahti.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of the trail is medium, and it comprises duckboards and steep rises and descents along with some easy stretches. The trail is suitable for hikers in good physical condition due to uneven terrain, elevation and the length of the trail.

To start the trail

Orilampi Holiday Centre
Voikoskentie 138
47910 Hillosensalmi



  • Connecting trail to Repovesi National Park
  • Part of the old Valkeala hiking trail
  • Beautiful and varying terrain with much elevation differences


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Maps & guides

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Murja march


Topographic map of Repovesi National Park

Excursionmap.fi – Online topographic map of Finland

Brochure and map of Repovesi National Park by Metsähallitus


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Repovesi National Park at Nationalpark.fi

Orilammen maja offers boat rides to Repovesi National Park. Stops are at Lapinsalmi, Karhunlahti, Kuutinkanava and Mustalammenvuori. For further information: info@orilampi.com, Tel. +358 538 9881.

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