Kouvola, Mouhu trail, 16 km


16 km


Mouhu Trail travels from north to south from Kouvola 3 border towards Repovesi National Park and Aarnikotka Forest Nature Reserve. The trail is characterised by diverse terrain, paths that pass through many types of woods and several stretches of dirt road. The landscape turns more rugged closer to the national park.

  • Duration: about 1 day
  • Trail markings: Marked with blue paint on trees and rocks and blue arrow signs. At the end, inside Repovesi National Park, orange paint markings on trees.
  • Suitability: For people used to moving through terrains

Trail description

The trail starts with a dirt road and goes into the forest after about 1 km. The journey continues along forest roads and paths. The trail diverges after about 11 km with a dirt road to Saarijärvi, which is one of the entrances to the national park. The road to Olhava conquers the hills of Nuollamminvuori, Pitkälamminvuori and Riuttanvuori before the national park and Olhavanvuori. The Saarijärvi trail diverges before Riuttanvuori. The only rest area before Olhavanvuori is at the foot of Pitkälamminvuori; the rest area at Olhavanvuori has a lean-to and campfire site. The scenery ranges from steep rocks to stretches of duckboards over bog. The tall hills reward the hiker with one spectacular view after another.

Good to know

The trail can be easily combined with the longer Mäntyharju- Repovesi trail or trails of Repovesi National Park. Sturdy footwear is advisable, since the terrain is uneven and, in wet weather, may be very slippery in places.

The trail features several stretches of duckboards and steep rises and descents. Part of the route is suitable for mountain biking. In the national park, mountain biking is only allowed on the roads and maintenance tracks.

The Pitkälampi rest area has a lean-to and is located by a lake about 7 km from the start of the trail. There are lean-tos and a campfire site on the south shore of Olhavanlampi. There is a campfire site at the foot of Olhavanvuori. The rest area also features a toilet, woodshed, well and a shelter and cottage for rent. Rock climbers like Olhavanvuori for its 55-metre tall vertical wall. The Saarijärvi entrance has a logging cottage and sauna. There are water taps at the foot of Olhavanvuori and at the Saarijärvi entrance. The foot of Olhavanvuori is a short distance from Karhulahti, which has a campfire site, toilet and a shelter for rent. You can also order a boat taxi to Karhulahti. A connection trail leading to Orilampi and featuring the Särkilampi lean-to diverges from the trail.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of the trail is medium; it contains several steep and difficult places. The trail to Olhava is more challenging than the trail leading to Saarijärvi, but the trail to Olhava offers more for hikers. Best suited to hikers in good physical condition. The rise to Nuollammenvuori requires practice in moving through country terrain.

To start the trail

Mouhuntie 354
52920 Mäntyharju
N 61 16.795 E 26 49.720


  • Part of the Mäntyharju – Repovesi trail
  • Forks into two trails: One to Olhava (14km) and one to Lake Saarijärvi (16km)
  • Varying terrain and much elevation changes


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