Loimijoki canoeing route, 103 km


103 km


Loimijoki canoeing route starts from Liesjärvi National Park and passes Folk Park of Saari. The beginning of the route belongs to Häme Lake Upland area, a wilderness area known from its forest landscape with tens of lakes, ridges, mires and a beautiful heritage landscape. Canoeing through clear lakes and meandering rivers is a great way to explore this beautiful area. Equipment rentals are available in the beginning of the route.

Duration: 1-4 days
Liesjärvi-Forssa, 37 km
Forssa-Loimaa, 45 km
Loimaa-Alastaro 22 km

Route description

Close to the starting point is a beautiful Kyynäränharju ridge. Some islands are protected because of bird nesting. After passing Lake Liesjärvi the route continues north to Turpoonjoki river. After the first rapid there’s a dam where the canoe must be lifted over. Often the route is only 1.5 meters wide and and very shallow during seasons of dry weather. The village of Liesjärvi is along the way. At Turpoonkoski rapid the canoe must be carried 200 meters on land. Here it’s also possible to catch locally hatched and grown rainbow trout. After a while Turpoonjoki river passes the old idyllic village of Porras Followed by Lake Kuivajärvi, which is an optional ending point. The Folk Park of Saari is located here. Lake Kuivajärvi and Lake  Pyhäjärvi are separated by narrow Saarensalmi strait next to Folk Park of saari. Lake pyhäjärvi is the last and biggest lake on the route. Lake is very open so route choice should be made according to wind conditions. Loimijoki River starts from the western end of Lake Pyhäjärvi and flows to the town of Forssa. In Forssa the power plant is passed by carrying the canoe. There is also a dangerous stony fall at Vieremänkoski rapid that must be passed on land. Route follows the Loimijoki river through Jokioinen towards Vaulammi. In the center of Jokioinen there’s a stretch of carrying past Ferraria area. The river meanders heavily downstream from Jokioinen and in the spring this area floods easily. From Vaulammi the route goes on to Ypäjä. There’s a landing place on a shore near Ypäjä center. When arriving to Loimaa there is the dam of Vesikoski. Route can be finished at Loimaa or optionally you can continue to Alastaro. In Alastaro it’s possible to go ashore for example in Loimikoti pier.

Good to know

Loimijoki canoeing route starts from Lake Liesjärvi at Liesjärvi National Park. There are several possible starting points at Lake Lieasjärvi, three of which have parking areas: Pirttilahti, Kopinniemi and Korteniemi. You can choose to canoe only the beginning of the route from Lake Liesjärvi to Lake Kuivajärvi during one day. Alternatively canoeing all the way to Alastaro takes several days.

Route is easy to canoe, especially from Lake Liesjärvi to Lake Pyhäjärvi. On this section there are only small slowly flowing rapids. Along the route are a few places where one has to carry a canoe for a short distance. There is a dangerous stony fall at Vieremänkoski rapid in Forssa, which has to be passed on ground.

Starting places (Pirttilahti, Kopinniemi and Korteniemi) have info boards, tables and outdoor toilets. There are several rest places along the route with lean-to shelters and campfire sites. Cafés and restaurants can also be found along the route, mainly from Tammela and Forssa.

The hiking tours Folk Park of Saari and Pohjantikka are located near this canoeing route.

To start the route

The route starts from Lake Liesjärvi, with several options for starting place. Two of these places, Pirttilahti and Korteniemi have parking areas.

Pirttilahti parking area
Kanteluksentie 211
31380 Tammela

Korteniemi parking area
Korteniementie 242
31380 Tammela

Liesjärvi National Park is located next to road 2 (Helsinki-Pori) about 95 km from Helsinki and 22 km from Forssa. The area is easy to reach with several daily bus connections on road 2.

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