Lohjanjärvi tour, 182 km


182 km


The bilingual (Finnish and Swedishspeaking) region of Western Uusimaa, very close to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, is full of old ironworks, robust stone churches and castles, lively villages and the beauty of fields that have been cultivated for centuries. Cyclists can admire cultural sights set in lush agrarian and aristocratic landscapes and by rugged ridges and clear, labyrinthine waters. A favourable climate and the fertile soil have bestowed an exceptionally beautiful natural landscape on the region, providing a true break from everyday stress.

Duration: 3-5 days.

Kirkkonummi-Siuntio kk 38 km
Siuntio kk-Sammatti 35 km
Sammatti-Fiskars 29 km
Fiskars-Mustio 29 km
Mustio-Degerby 27 km
Degerby-Kirkkonummi 24 km

Optional route via Lohjansaari island: Karjalohja – Lohjansaari – Kirkniemi (Lohja) – Vassböle 24 km (+7 km boat ride)

Route description

The old ironworks area starts at Fiskars and continues up to Svartå Manor. Siuntio is the portion of the route with the most stone churches and mansions. There are numerous charming accommodation options along the way, and the pride of this part of Uusimaa – delicious local food – is served in many places on the route.

The journey starts off east from Kirkkonummi railway station, towards one of the most famous and attractive sights in this area, Hvitträsk. The route follows pretty countryside roads through an old landscape dotted with lakes. From Kirkkonummi we take an easy and beautiful route towards Siuntio with its stone churches and mansions. Relish the peaceful rural environment as you pedal north along quiet village roads, some of them gravel, through this landscape that has been agrarian for centuries.

Arriving in Lohja, the path follows the lakeshore. En route to Karjalohja you might take a cooling break underground at the Tytyri Mine and Torhola Cave. The way to Karjalohja is very beautiful, following natural ridges (so there are some altitude changes). Gradually, the road descends again to find the old ironworks at Antskog, Fiskars, Åminnefors, Billnäs and Svartå, where you will find history, art and culinary delights. From Svartå you will follow quiet country roads to Ingå and its cosy rural milieu. Finally, the Eastern King’s Road (Itäinen Kuninkaantie) will take you back to your starting point, Kirkkonummi station.

There are many alternative routes and accommodation options on the way. The easiest option is to have your luggage transported by car to your next rest stop. You may also carry all you need with you and camp along the way.

One interesting possibility is to take a boat to the famously beautiful island of Lohjansaari from Karjalohja.

More detailed route and rapid descriptions are found in our route guide.

Good to know

Traversing the whole route while admiring the many interesting sights along the way takes several days. There are many accommodation options on the route. There are also public transport connections that facilitate the subdivision of the route into shorter portions.

Karstuntie between Lohja and Sammatti and the portion of the route west of Lake Lohjanjärvi have many hills and quite a lot of traffic. North of the lake there are not many services, so make sure you carry the food and drink you need, as well as any bicycle maintenance gear.

We also recommend combining your cycling holiday with canoeing or hiking. There are excellent canoeing places on Lake Lohjanjärvi, while the nature trails of Karnaistenkorpi and Karkali are close by the route. For more information, please visit www.outdoorsfinland.com.

One alternative to the route is to cross the lake by boat from Päiväkumpu to Lohjansaari. You can take your bicycles and luggage on board. The boat crosses the wide expanse of the water to Lohjansaari Island, passing between small islands and next to Karkali Nature Reserve.

To start the route

Kirkkonummi Railway Station
Asematie 2, 02400 Kirkkonummi
N60° 07.195‘ E24° 26.333‘

Route can be started also from Karjaa, Lohja and Karjalohja by using public transportation.


  • Lohjanharju ridge with beautiful views
  • Lohjanjärvi, the largest lake in Souther Finland
  • Fiskars Ironworks Area


Cycling video from Lohjanjärvi tour:

Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf route guide with maps (DE-EN-RU)

Lohjanjärven reittiopaskansi saenve

Outdoors Finland mobile app (in Finnish only)

Outdoor GT map of Southern Finland

Bicycle tour guide – west from Helsinki


See the printable route guide for nice places to stay along the route.

More places to stay near the cycling tour

Cycling Services

SE-Action melontakeskus
Guided cycling, canoeing and kayaking tours, equipment rental, transport services
Störsvikintie 140, 02580 Siuntio
+358 9 256 4040

Ravanti Events
Guided cycling,canoeing and kayaking tours, equipment rental, transport services
Pietiläntie 2, 08800 Lohja
+358 40 134 3858

Aquapro Suomi
Guided canoeing tours, canoeing equipment rental
Asemanrinne 5, 08500 Lohja
+358 40 770 3658

Guided canoeing tours, activities
Vanha Antskogintie 12, 10480 Antskog
+358 40 511 6837

Kesselin Urheilukauppa
Bike maintenance, rental equipment and gear
+358 9 298 1312

Siuntio Löpö ja Lounas
Self-help bike maintenance
+358 9 256 1280

JK-Shop Lohja
Bike maintenance, equipment and gear
+358 19 321 329

Lohjan Pyörä ja Urheilu
Bike maintenance and sales
+358 40 563 2531

Intersport Lohja
Bike maintenance
+358 19 322 242


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