Lohjanjärvi canoeing routes


8-25 km


Lohjanjärvi is the biggest lake in southern Finland and offers a nice canoeing destination. Nature in the area is exceptionally rich and diverse featuring the most abundant groves in Finland. Lake has a number of islands as well as sheltered deltas. Lohjanjärvi is a magnificent canoeing destination offering a vast variety of landscapes along its many canoeing routes. You can plan a short few hour day trip or spend several days exploring the area.

Route description

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Auralahti – Kaljaasi, 10 km
Hiidensalmi – Mustionlinna, 21 km
Hiidenveden purjehtijat shore – Kisakallio, 20 km
Kaljaasi – Mustionlinna, 14 km
Karjalohja Martinpiha – Päiväkumpu, 8 km
Kisakallio – Hiidensalmi, 8 km
Martinpiha – Aurlahti, 14 km
Martinpiha – Mustiolinna, 22 km
Myllyniemi – Kisakallio, 12 km
Päiväkumpu – Mustionlinna, 25 km

Lohjanjärvi has several canoeing routes. It can be reached by canoe from Karkkila, Vihti and Nummela. From Lohja it’s possible to continue through Karjaa to the sean at Pohja and Tammisaari. Notice that there are a few dams on the way, which you need to pass by carrying a canoe for a short distance

There is a canoeing pool, consisting of local companies offering canoeing services in the area. From them you can find detailed information about the canoeing routes, rent canoes or kayaks, book guided tours and reserve accommodation or restaurant services.

In Karkali Strict Nature Reserve you can see several species of hardwood: oak, ash and linden as well as hazel and abundance of different anemones in spring. On cape Karkali you can also find Torhola cave, the biggest limestone cave in Finland.

Map of canoeing routes on Lohjanjärvi are

Map of canoeing routes in Hiidenvesi area

Good to know

Many routes of the Lohjanjärvi canoeing pool lead to Mustio Manor, which is one of the most valuable manors in Finland. Originating from 19th century, the buildings used to be the accommodation for people working in local iron works. Nowadays the manor is a hotel and museum. The park surrounding the area is well worth a visit. Mustio manor can be reached by canoeing Mustionjoki River starting from the southern end of Lohjanjärvi.

Difficulty level

Canoeing routes can be planned according to skill level and timetable. There are easy and more demanding, but not hard routes in the area. On bigger open water areas you need to consider the wind conditions when making route choices. Beginners can normally cover about 4-5 kilometres per hour depending on the wind conditions. For beginners it’s recommendable to canoe for maximum of two hours in a row.

To start the trail

There are several starting places around the lake. You can see them best from these maps of Lohjanjärvi area and Hiidenvesi area. Lohja area is easy to reach with several daily bus connections