Lapinsalmi – Orilampi trail, Kouvola, 9.1 km


9.1 km


The Lapinsalmi-Orilampi trail is an excellent connection trail between Orilampi Holiday Centre and Repovesi National Park. It can be easily combined with the trails of Repovesi National Park or other hiking trails of old Valkeala, since it ends in Lapinsalmi, which is one of the entrances to Repovesi National Park. Lapinsalmi is close to the Lapinsalmi suspension bridge or Ketunlossi ferry.

  • Duration: about 4 h
  • Trail markings: Marked with blue paint on trees and rocks and blue arrow signs. Some of the markings have faded and are quite faint.
  • Suitability: The trail is also suited to families with children, but is not wheelchair accessible.

Trail description

You can take the Lapinsalmi-Orilampi trail in either direction. Parts of the trail have nice views of the Repovesi and Vuohijärvi water systems. The trail mainly travels along dirt roads but also takes a short dip into the forest. The trail follows an old railroad track for a short distance, and in one spot you can see the old railway sleepers. A little less than 2 km before Orilampi Holiday Centre, the trail crosses a railway line at Hillosensalmi Station. In the summer, the station functions as a café. From Hillosensalmi Station, the trail follows the road to Orilampi.

Good to know

The trail can be easily combined with trails of Repovesi National Park, such as the Ketunlenkki Trail (5 km) or the Kaakkuri Circuit (24 km).The trail goes through Hillosensalmi Station, so you can take a bus to the station and follow the trail to Lapinsalmi.

Hiking shoes are a sturdier choice for this trail than training shoes, although the latter are sufficient. The trail markings are weak along the roads, so it is good to have a map in order to notice the crossings in time. There is only one water tap along the trail, at Orilampi Holiday Centre at the end, and there are no rest areas besides Hillosensalmi station.

Difficulty level

Medium. The trail travels mainly on level dirt roads, an old roadbed and a rural road. There is one fairly steep hill and the dirt roads feature some elevation.

To start the trail

Repovesi National Park
Riippusillantie 55
47910 Hillosensalmi


  • Rewarding trail suitable for day trips
  • Features Lapinsalmi suspension bridge and Ketunlossi ferry
  • Katajavuori Hill offers one of the best views in Repovesi


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Maps & guides

Download a printable pdf-leaflet with map:

Lapinsalmi-Orilampi trail


Outdoors Finland mobile app (in Finnish only)

Topographic map of Repovesi National Park – Online topographic map of Finland

Brochure and map of Repovesi National Park by Metsähallitus


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Orilammen maja offers boat rides to Repovesi National Park. Stops are at Lapinsalmi, Karhunlahti, Kuutinkanava and Mustalammenvuori. For further information:, Tel. +358 538 9881.

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