Kouvola-Horppu-Verla-Iitti kk-Elimäki-Kouvola, Kouvola tour, 223 km


223 km


Kouvola tour takes you to beautiful historical and natural landscapes in Kouvola region. Along the route you can find Verla Unesco World Heritage site, magnificent forest- and lake landscapes next to Repovesi National Park and the rural landscapes south from Kouvola.

Duration: 5 days

Kouvola – Horppu 39 km
Horppu – Nurmaa 29 km
Nurmaa – Verla 59 km
Verla – Iitti kk 33 km
Iitti kk – Elimäki 36 km
Elimäki – Kouvola 27 km

Route description

Route starts from the Center of Kouvola heading north along the cycle tracks to the shores of Kymijoki River and Lake Lappalanjärvi. With a little detour you can explore the Museum of Local History and boutique museum in Valkeala. From the shores of Lappalanjärvi it’s time to head north towards the bigger and crystal clear Lake Vuohijärvi. First night can be spent in a cabion by Lake Vuohijärvi in Horppu or Ahola’s cabins.

Route continues north from Horppu. Repovesi National Park is close to the route and it offers a good place for a break or little hiking from Lapinsalmi. Hillosensalmi features excellent lakeviews to Vuohijärvi and it’s also a possible place to stay overnight. Route continues around Lake Vuohijärvi in forest  landcapes with lakes glimmering in the background on the way to Horppu and Verla.

The old Verla Groundwood and Board Mill is an Unesco World Heritage Site. You can explore the history of these factories on guided tours. There is a lot to see in the area and as a bonus you can admire the rock paintings next to the museum. There are several accommodation options around Verla. After Jaala, on the western shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, you can take a little detour to Hiidenvuori hill with beautiful views over the lake and the surrounding nature.

The route continues towards the village of Iitti along small lakes. There are options for accommodation and a museum introducing the peasant life in historical milieu. Before Kausala there is Lomakivi offering accommodation and restaurant in a nice surroundings. From here it is time to head towards Lake Sääskjärvi where the route follows the eastern shore before continuing to Elimäki. In Elimäki you can get familiar with the local wines and take a walk in the center of this little village. Accommodation can be arranged in Moiso Manor.

Route continues towards Kouvola in rural- and forest landscapes. You can spend one more night in Koria at Mikkelä Farm before returning to Kouvola.

Good to know

There are some ascents on the route. Services are sparce in some areas, making it important to plan the accommodation and eating carefully in advance.

There are several types of accommodation possibilities along the route making it possible to experience something different each night.

To start the tour

Tour starts from Kouvola, which is very easy to reach by train or bus. If you wish to make a shorter tour, you can start it from some of the villages along the route.