Helsinki-Isnäs-Porvoo-Loviisa-Ruotsinpyhtää-Kotka, King’s Road to Kotka, 178 km


178 km


Eastern King’s road leads from Helsinki to Kotka along the coastline through historical and charming small towns and villages. Route passes through inhabited areas, fertile fields and lush forests. Take a stroll on cobbled streets in Porvoo’s olds town, enjoy the idyllic Loviisa, dive into the history of iron work in Ruotsinpyhtää and enjoy the seaside in Kotka. There is a lot to see along the route. It is easy to return from Kotka by bus.

Duration: 4 days

Helsinki – Söderkulla 31 km
Söderkulla – Isnäs 45 km
Isnäs – Ruotsinpyhtää 56 km
Ruotsinpyhtää – Kotka 46 km

Route description

Journey from Helsinki starts by following the eastern shoreline. Pohjoisranta and Merihaka with long boat rows, Kulosaari with its beautiful villas and Herttoniemi with beautiful beaches show the best sides of coastal Helsinki.  City landscapes turn into lush forests and fertile fields with birds singing when reaching Sipoo. The idyllic Söderkulla calls for a break.

Route continues to Porvoo with beautiful meadows flourishing with colorful flowers. Porvoo is a fascinating mixture of old and new. The Porvoo Cathedral guards the old town and acts as an excellent landmark. The red shed along Porvoonjoki River, idyllic yards and the cobbled streets create Porvoo’s own athmosphere. Route continues east towards Isnäs in hilly countryside and forest landscapes. An old sawmill milieu is waiting in Isnäs with old buildings bringing a breeze from the past. Area is very beautiful in summertime.

Route continues towards Koskenkylä and Pernaja. From here it is only a short distance to Loviisa, whose neo-gothic church’s tower can be seen far away. Loviisa is a lively summer town with wooden neighborhood full of beautiful houses and gardens. Next to market square you can find stone houses from the 19th century. After Loviisa there is a fortress from the 18th century along the route. The Old King’s Road guides the way to the Strömfors Iron Works Area in Ruotsinpyhtää. This vast area offers a view to the past when it used to be a wealthy and self-sufficient community. There is a café and restaurant in the area and during summertime you can find artisans at work.

The small and curvy road winds through forest areas until arriving to Pyhtää. Before arriving to Kotka, there is a gorgeus Langinkoski rapid with its imperial fishing lodge. The lodge was built by Russian Emperor Alexander III. Kotka charms with its coastal atmosphere. The center of Kotka, as many other of its districts, is built on an island. The must see destinations are the Maritime Centre Vellamo and aquarium house Maretarium. Kotka values the beautiful surroundings and you can find a plenty of beautiful parks here.

Good to know

Route is suitable for beginners due to reasonable day trips and easy profile. There are no demanding ascents on the way.

To start the route

Route can be started from Helsinki or alternatively from the other towns along the route. Route can also be travelled from Kotka to Helsinki.