Helsinki-Kirkkonummi-Inkoo-Tammisaari-Hanko, King’s Road to Hanko, 163 km


163 km


Route guides you towards Hanko along the old King’s Road. Journey begins by following the shoreline from Helsinki to Espoo’s Westend and further towards the peaceful countryside. There are charming castles, iron works areas, manors and museum roads along the route, revealing the diverse history of the coastal area. Idyllic small cafés attract for a break and seashore with bays and capes offer beautiful rest places by water. Raasepori and Hanko are really cozy and original summer towns.

Duration: 4 days

Helsinki – Kirkkonummi 42 km
Kirkkonummi – Inkoo 31 km
Inkoo – Tammisaari 46 km
Tammisaari – Hanko 44 km

Route description

The seaside of Helsinki shows its best in the beginning of the tour. Route follows the seashore through Kaivopuisto park and Lauttasaari island towards Espoo’s finest residential areas, where beautiful houses and yards follow one after another. Lively cities are left behind when continuing towards Kirkkonummi in countryside landscape. Forests and vast fields follow each other on this hilly section. There are also rock painting along this section.

Kirkkonummi is left behind when continuing towards Siuntio, known as manor parish. Most of these manors are in private use but they appear as noble landmarks to cyclists. The old St. Peter’s Church in Siuntio center is worth seeing. Sea is glimmering behind the trees when approaching Inkoo. Inkoo’s guest harbor next to the market square is a good place to relax in the evening.

Route follows the old King’s Road. The History of the iron works areas can be explored in Fagervik, where the charming red houses create a unique milieu. The hilly and curvy road continues to Snappertuna, where you can find the old Raseborg Castle on a gorgeus place on the hill. There are also a summer theatre and cafe in this beautiful surroundings. The idyllic Snappertuna entices to stay. Journey continues towards Tammisaari, where you can experience the easygoing atmosphere by the seaside and the beautiful old town. The narrow streets with old lanterns and the street names remind of the area’s history.

Route follows the seaside landscapes towards the summer town of Hanko. In Lappohja you can find a fantastic beach, an excellent place for a break. Högholmen cape with its nature trail offers a beautiful seaside landscape. Cape Hankoniemi is a bird watchers paradise with over 27o spotted species. Soot you arrive to the end of the Cape Hankoniemi, where is the vibrant summer town of Hanko, a dream destination for boaters and fishermen. Hanko coastline is characterized with mounding rocks and long sandy beaches. Charming villas stand next to each other and the cozy restaurants come alive in the evening when locals and tourist come to enjoy nice summer evenings.

Good to know

The terrain is relatively hilly, but day trips are moderate making the route suitable also for beginners. There is a lot to see along the route making it nice to take a break quite often. There are cruises to close by island from Hanko. The most popular one is Bengtskär Lighthouse Island.

To start the route

Route can be started from Helsinki or alternatively from the other towns along the route. There is a regular train connection from Helsinki to Kirkkonummi.