Lohja, Karnaistenkorpi Nature Trail, 3,2 km


3.2 km


On the Karnaistenkorpi nature trail, you can find the atmosphere of wilderness close to the metropolitan region. If you have sharp eyes, you may also spot the Threetoed Woodpecker and the Eurasian Pygmy Owl that nest in the area. The trail offers a fairytale setting for both quiet walks, exciting adventures for the children, and orienteers training for competitions. A curious feature of the area is that you will be trekking over a motorway without even noticing.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 h
  • Trail markings: There is an information board about the trail at the start, and there are signposts and maps along the way. The nature trail is marked with signposts and square red markings on trees. There is also a story trail travelling around the area; it has been marked with yellow markings on trees.
  • Suitability: Suitable for families with children, but it is not wheelchair accessible

Trail description

The Karnaistenkorpi nature trail is located next to the Lohja Ridge, and is a part of a forested area of 200 hectares owned by the City of Lohja. The trail travels through an old spruce forest. The terrain is varying, and you can see barren rock, bog depressions and quiet forest ponds along the trail. You can stop for a rest along the way at two different lean-tos to roast sausages. The rest areas also have firewood, toilets and water for extinguishing fires. There are several information boards next to the nature trail describing the fauna and flora of the area.

Good to know

There are no waste bins, so you must remove all waste from the area. There are no drinking water stations in the area. In dry weather, the trail is also suitable for training shoes. When it rains, the duckboards become slippery. The trail is also kept passable on foot during the winter. The signage on the trail is in Finnish only.

Difficulty level

The trail winds through the forest, partially over duckboards that are slippery when it rains. The trail has plenty of roots and stones that make walking more difficult. There are occasional steep rises and descents through challenging terrain. The trail requires good physical condition and agility.

To start the trail

Suoniementaival 27
08360 Lohja
N60 19.078 E24 02.364

Trail can be reached from Jantoniementie road and Suomentaipale road. Both roads have parking areas with info boards. You can also start the trail from Kisakallion sports institute.


  • Athmosphere of an old forest
  • Two beautiful forest bonds
  • Varying terrain


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