Karjalohja, Karkali Nature Trail, 5,2 km


5.2 km


The Karkali Strict Nature Reserve is a unique grove area, located on Cape Karkalinniemi, which juts out into Lake Lohjanjärvi. The changing seasons from the anemones in the spring to the colours of the autumn foliage are worth seeing.

  • Duration:Approx. 2 h
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked with yellow markings
  • Suitability: Suited to families with children, but there are a few steep rises and descents

Trail description

The trail starts at the parking area. The short loops at the start of the trail are easy to navigate. There is a beach suitable for swimming on the southern shore of the cape, and there is also a landing place for boats. At the end of Cape Karkalinniemi, the trail passes over a difficult rocky shore, and the trail crosses some hills. On top of the hill at the end of the cape are the foundation stones for Archbishop Johansson’s summerhouse. Today, the site has a table and benches, where you can stop to rest and enjoy a packed lunch. The nature of the Karkali Strict Nature Reserve is dominated by extensive hazel groves and linden forests. The area has a rich birdlife. The scenery of the hiking trail is mostly forest, but you can also see the shore, rocks, and a small forest meadow from the trail.

Good to know

There are 0.5, 1, 2, and 6 km loops available in the Strict Nature Reserve. There is also the Hanski-Hakki Nature Trail on the strict nature reserve area, starting from the same car park. There are information boards on different sites on the nature trail with information about the tree species, meadow flowers and fauna of the area. Leaving the marked trail on the strict nature reserve is forbidden, because the rest of the area is protected. Making a fire is forbidden. Roughly 3 km from the nature trails and the strict nature reserve itself is the unique Torhola Cave.

Difficulty level

The short loops at the start of the trail are easy to navigate, but the middle section of the longer loop is difficult. There the path goes up and down a rocky hill.

To start the trail

Karkali Strict Nature Reserve Pähkinäpolku 2 08800 Karjalohja N60 14.662 E23 48.893 Closest bus stop is by Lohja – Sammati road, about 8 km from the trail.


  • Rich birdlife
  • Extensive Hazel groves
  • Canoeing opportunities on Lake Lohjanjärvi

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