Sysmä, Kammiovuori trail, 3.9 km


3.9 km


Kammiovuori Hill is located in Vintturi, near Sysmä. The path rising up to the top of Kammiovuori Hill is challenging, but worth the effort of a day’s trek. The top of the Kammiovuori Hill offers beautiful views over lakes and forest.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 h
  • Trail markings: There is an information board at the starting point, showing the paths on the hiking area and the locations along the path. At some points, the trail markings are faded. There is a map of the view on top of the Kammiovuori Hill.
  • Suitability: Suitable for families with children, rocks and steep areas on the path to the hill

Trail description

The rise up to the hill is challenging, but on the hilltop, the hiker is rewarded with views over Lake Päijänne and the surrounding nature. The whole trail is on a small path. At the start of the trail, there is the cave of Hiskias, a hermit who lived in the cave in the early 1900s. The trail is safe to navigate on top of the hill, too. At the end of the trail, you can walk lightly down the hill, and can also stop for a rest at a lean-to along the way. There is a large boulder called Linta on the way back.

Good to know

A bicycle route from Helsinki to Jyväskylä goes through Sysmä. You can combine a hike on Kammiovuori Hill with a cruise on Lake Päijänne and in the Päijänne National Park. The trail features a lean-to with a campfire site. You must bring your own firewood with you to the lean-to, because firewood is not provided.

Difficulty level

The trail is classified as challenging. The start of the trail is challenging and relatively slow to navigate, because the trail rises up to the top of the hill. In addition to the changes in elevation, the rocky sections of the path will slow your passage. There is an information board about the trail at the starting point.

To start the trail

Trail starts from Kammiovuori parking area.

Nutturintie 104
19740 Sysmä
N61 41.443 E25 41.366

From Sysmä centre drive road 612 towards Luhanka for 24 km and turn right to Vintturintie road. After 2 km turn to Nutturintie and drive 1 km to Kammiovuori parking area.


  • Kammiovuori Hill is the highest in East Häme, and the top of the hill has beautiful views
  • Along the way, you can see Sysmän Linta, which is a massive boulder roughly seven metres in height.
  • The earliest recorded mention in history of the St. Olof Church in Sysmä is from the 14th century.


Photo gallery of Kammiovuori trail: