Sipoo, Kalkkiruukinpolku trail, 5,2 km


5,2 km


On the Kalkkiruukinpolku trail, you can learn about both the history of Sotunki and how it is today. The trail meanders over the former grounds of the Håkansböle Manor, through woods, along the edges of fields, and on high bare rock. The large changes of elevation require a bold attitude and a can-do spirit from the hiker, who will be rewarded with beautiful scenery.

  • Duration: approx. 3 h
  • Trail markings: Marked with white and green paint marks
  • Suitability: The trail requires a good physical condition and balance, and is not suitable for young children.

Trail description

The trail passes through forest terrain that is challenging due to the elevation changes, and it has been marked in the terrain with green and white paint. The start of the trail has a lean-to and a campfire site. The highest point of the trail is the rocky, scenic Högberget Hill, which rises 50 metres above the Sotunki fields. On top of the hill, you can enjoy the countryside scenery and see the cranes of Vuosaari Harbour far away in the distance. At the end of the trail, next to the road, is an old quarry site, where limestone was quarried in the old days.

Good to know

The rocks on the trail are slippery when it rains. There is a lean-to with a campfire site as well as firewood 650 metres from the starting point of the trail. Rotted trees that are still standing may pose a risk to safety in strong wind. There are no restaurant services in the immediate vicinity of the trail, so you should pack your own lunch with you.

Difficulty level

The large changes in elevation and tree roots on the trail surface make the trail challenging. The steps of the stairs on a steep incline are partly rotted, and there are no railings.

To start the trail

Sipoonkorpi National Park
Kalkkiuunintie 17
01200 Vantaa
N60 18.054 E25 09.516


  • Located in Sipoonkorpi National Park
  • An old limestone quarry
  • The scenic Högberget Hill


Photo gallery of Kalkkiruukinpolku trail: