Heinola-Vuolenkoski, Juustopolku trail, 17,2 km


17,2 km


The Juustopolku trail through spruce forest is an old route connecting Heinola and Vuolenkoski. Its fairytale atmosphere brings peace to the hiker’s mind, and walking the trail clears the mind of everyday worries and cares.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked with white paint on trees, rocks, the ground, signposts and tall tree stumps. There are several signposts along the trail. 
  • Suitability: for hikers in good physical condition

Trail description

At the start, the hiking trail descends into an old spruce forest. A little after the Korvenlampi lean-to, the trail passes under power lines for a while, after which it follows forest roads. The terrain is variable, and you can see marks left by humans along the way in clear-cut areas and forest roads. The trail leads back to spruce forest, and at times the scenery changes into rocks covered in lichen, groves and heather-covered heathland. After the second lean-to, the path descends slowly towards the end.

Good to know

There are several connecting routes to Vierumäki from the trail. The website of the City of Heinola has an electronic map of the trail. Puddles form on the trail in rainy weather. In autumn, a hike is organised on the Juustopolku trail. For the event, bus transport back to the starting point has been arranged for both ends of the trail.

Difficulty level

At the start, the path rises gently uphill for a few kilometres, and there are some duckboards along the way. The easy trail is made more challenging by its length and the undulating terrain. The trail is easy to follow but, at some logging sites, you must be careful not to lose sight of the markings in white paint.

To start the trail

Juustopolku trail can be reached from the centre of Heinola by walking Tamppilahdenkatu street to Muikkuapajanlahti where the trail begins.

Tamppilahdenkatu 35
18150 Heinola
N61 11.309 E26 02.207

From Vuolenkoski you can start the trail from Vuolenkoski School or sports field. There are parking areas in both places.

Vuolenkoski school
Vuolenkoskentie 1298
19160 Iitti
N61 05.076 E26 08.902

Vuolenkoski sports field
Herrojentie 12
19160 Iitti

There is a bus connection from Helsinki to Heinola. You should leave the bus at Jyränkö bus stop. In Vuolenkoski there is no public transportation available.


  • Korvenlampi lean-to at a beautiful location
  • The massive Kupparinkivi rock
  • Fairytalo spruce forest on mossy ground


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Maps & guides

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Juustopolku trail


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