Loppi, Iso-Melkutin trail, 6,9 km


6,9 km


The hiking trail circles Lake Iso-Melkutin and traverses 3 rugged wild forests in the Häme Lake Upland. In addition to beautiful lakeshores, the area features forests of various ages and valuable bog areas. The Iso-Melkutin trail is ideal for day trips with the whole family.

  • Duration: Approx. 3 h
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked with yellow lynx markings to the lake. Trail around the lake is marked with blue markings.
  • Suitability: Also suitable for beginners and families with children.

Trail description

The first part of the trail goes between two lakes before arriving at the shore of Lake Iso-Melkutin. The trail circles the entire lake, hugging the water for most of its length. The lean-to is a good place to take a break and admire the lakeland landscape. The hilly terrain near the midpoint of the trail provides some variety. The nature around Lake Iso-Melkutin features forested ridges shaped by the Ice Age, characterised by dry slopes giving to the south, which are the first to sprout flowers in the spring.

Good to know

The trails of Melkutin are part of the Hämeen Ilvesreitti hiking trail network, which is over 200 km long. The Hämeen Härkätie cycling trail passes the Melkutin area to the north. The east end of Lake Iso-Melkutin has a gently sloping beach. Lake Iso-Melkutin is also ideal for diving because of its extremely clear water. The nearest restaurant and café are located at Räyskälä Sports Aviation Centre.

Difficulty level

The trail is well marked and the first part of the trail is easy and wide. After a few kilometres, the trail has a short stretch that is more difficult. The trail only features small changes in elevation. The rocks and rocky patches are slippery in wet weather. The trail can also be taken just for the part that circles the lake, which is 5.3 km long.

To start the trail

Tauluntie parking area
Tauluntie 146
12820 Loppi
N60 44.350 E24 05.893

Iso-Melkuttin trail can be reached from a parking area by Tauluntie road. From the parking area it is about 900 meter walk to the lake.

There are a few bus connections from Loppi to nearby Räyskälä aviation centre situated about two kilometers from the starting point.


  • The song of the European nightjar is a common sound at twilight in Melkutin
  • The clear waters of Lake Iso-Melkutin also attract divers
  • Nearby Räyskälä airfield hosts various events

Photo gallery of Iso-Melkutin trail: