Tammela, Hyypiö trail, 5,9 km


5,9 km


The Hyypiö trail goes through Liesjärvi National Park, 3 which is part of the Häme Lake Upland. The Häme Lake Upland is a rugged and wild forest area whose landscapes are dominated by forested lakeshores. In addition to beautiful shores, the area features forests of various ages and valuable bog areas. The Hyypiö trail is ideal for day trips.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 h
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked with orange squares.
  • Suitability: The route has some slippery patches and surface variation. For beginner hikers and families with children.

Trail descripition

At the beginning, the trail follows Kanteluksentie for a short distance towards Kyynäränharju Ridge. After leaving the road, the hiker dives into the forest, which is characterised by luxuriant grove vegetation. The second part of the trail rises to Hyypiönkallio Rock, which is a great place to rest and admire the view towards Lake Tapolanjärvi. The Hyypiö trail features primeval forests and beautiful lichen areas. Kyynäränharju Ridge separate two lakes, Lake Liesjärvi and Lake Kyynäräjärvi.

Good to know

The trail network of Liesjärvi is part of the Hämeen Ilvesreitti hiking trail network, which includes over 200 km of trails. The Härkätie cycling trail goes near the national park. There are log cabins for rent by Lake Kyynäräjärvi. Korteniemi Heritage Farm has a smoke sauna for rent.Camping in tents is possible at Savilahti camping area, Peukalolammi lean-to and Kaksvetinen shelter.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of the trail is medium and it is suitable for beginner hikers and families with children. The Hyypiönkallio Rock has some challenging and slippery patches in wet weather.

To start the trail

Kanteluksentie 217
31380 Tammela

N60 40.989 E23 50.588


  • Beautiful Kyynäränharju esker
  • Korteniemi Heritage Farm has farm animals in the summer and farms old traditionally Finnish crops using traditional methods.
  • Letterboxing in the Liesjärvi region. Letterboxing involves searching for hidden letterboxes with the help of clues.
  • Hyypiönkallio rock

Photo gallery of Hyypiö trail: