Rautjärvi, Hiitolanjoki scenic trail, 1,7 km


1,7 km


The natural landscape along the scenic trail ranges from rugged cliffs and conifer forests to green groves. Hiitolanjoki is the most important run river of wild salmon to Lake Ladoga. The river attracts many birds and other animals. You can see otters playing in the shallows and dragonflies swarming on the surface or observe the rich birdlife from an observation tower. The scenic trail follows the riverside and offers good locations to stop and enjoy nature or a packed lunch.

  • Duration: Approx. 1 h
  • Trail markings: There is an information board at the start of the trail. The trail is marked with signposts. There is an unclear crossing 100 m from the start of the trail, where the scenic trail continues straight.
  • Suitability: An excellent trail for admiring nature, birdlife and

Trail description

The scenic trail starts at the small power plant in Ritakoski. It travels along the beautiful River Hiihtolanjoki towards the Lahnasenkoski power plant. There is a vantage point by the river where you can rest a moment and admire the view. The river is known for its rich birdlife, which you can spot even as you follow the trail. There is a birdwatching shelter at the south end of the trail. The trail also features a barbecue hut where you can enjoy some food and have some campfire coffee. The return from the birdwatching shelter back to the start of the trail is along the other side of the river. The high rock reaches toward the sky, and it is worth climbing to the top to admire the view.

Good to know

In dry weather, the trail is also suitable for training shoes. The side of the trail is steep at times, but the steepest places are edged by safety ropes. The Ruokolahti-Rautjärvi-Parikkala hiking trail goes through Simpele. Parikkala has the 1.8 km-long Siikalahti Birdwatching Trail. The Great Saimaa Circuit cycling trail and the Eurovelo 13 Iron Curtain Trail, which is part of a Europe-wide cycling train network, also go past Simpele. Fishing spots along the trail include Silamusjoki, Torsanjoki and Kangaskoski.

Difficulty level

The trail features a narrow path, duckboards and some steep steps equipped with railings. There are few stony spots. A crossing 100 m after the start of the trail holds no sign for the scenic trail, just for the Lahnasenpolku Trail.

To start the trail

Starting point:

Ritakoski hydropower plant
Ritakoskentie 25
56800 Rautjärvi
N61 25.307 E29 21.558


  • Old water route and a run river of Ladoga salmon
  • Comfortable campfire site
  • Observation tower for birdwatching

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Hiitolanjoki scenic trail

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