Helsinki – Turku, King’s Road to the West, 252/350 km

252 km – 350 km


Great Coastal Road, called the King’s Road, is a part of the historical mail road from Stockholm to St.Petersburg. HIstorical manor houses, castles, villages and towns  form a contrast to the forests, fields and coastal nature of Western Uusimaa. The area is among the most popular cycling destinations in Finland. The forests of Teijo Hiking Area still feature signs of the period of ironworks, such as coal pit foundations.

Helsinki – Kirkkonummi 39 km
Kirkkonummi – Inkoo 33 km
Inkoo – Tammisaari 44 km
Tammisaari – Teijo 56 km
Teijo – Salo 21 km
Salo – Turku 59 km

Route Description

The shoreline route in Helsinki passes on the seaside of Kaivopuisto
Park towards Lauttasaari and further to the finest residential areas of Espoo. We leave behind the urban hustle and bustle as we move on to Kirkkonummi in rural settings. Broadleaved forests and wide open fields alternate on the course of the hilly route.

Leaving Kirkkonummi behind, we continue our journey to Siuntio. Siuntio is a community of many manor houses. Several of them are in private ownership but still stand tall as landmarks to passers-by. In the centre of Siuntio stands the medieval stone church dedicated to St Peter. As we approach Inkoo, we start to catch glimpses of the sea. The
guest boat harbour is located right next to the market square and is an ideal spot for relaxation in the evening.

We explore the history of ironworks at Fagervik, where attractive red houses create a cosy atmosphere. The hilly and curved route continues to the old Raseborg Castle. The carefully maintained area houses a summer theatre and café. In Tammisaari  (the largest inhabitat of town Raasepori) some of the town’s most attractive features include the Old Town and its wooden houses, the proximity of the sea and a relaxed atmosphere.

Our route continues via Tenhola towards Teijo Hiking Area with opportunities for versatile activities. The varied landscape includes lakes, rocks and forests. The sea provides its own addition to the scenery and atmosphere. The narrow, fjord-like sea bay pushes itself inland, almost reaching the town of Salo.

The views from Rikalanmäki, a long ridge partly dated back to the Stone Age are stonishing in their splendour. From Halikko, we continue on the old Turku Road towards Paimio. Paimio is a small modern rural town where the two passageways, the historic King’s Road and the pre-historic Paimionjoki River, meet. Historic sights, including the Turku Castle and Cathedral, are among the best known attractions in Turku.

Good to Know

The terrain is undulating and travels primarily along the road. Some daily distances are not very long and you can take a rest day in several destinations. The route has lots to see, so you can have plenty of breaks. The total length of the route makes the difficulty level medium. This is one the the most popular cycling regions in Finland, so it is good to book your accommodation well in advance!

To start the tour

Instead of Helsinki you can start this route from several locations (Kirkkonummi, Siuntio, Lohja, Karjaa, Inkoo, Tammisaari, Salo) which you can reach by train of bus. From those towns you can also easily return to Helsinki.



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