Helsinki – Mikkeli, 294 km


294 km


The route from Helsinki to Mikkeli, is fine cycling route through the luscious metropolitan region to the Finnish Lakeland and hospitable Southern Savonia.

Helsinki-Tikkurila 23 km
Tikkurila-Järvenpää 23 km
Helsinki-Järvenpää 46 km
Järvenpää-Lahti 87 km
Lahti-Heinola 52 km
Heinola-Mäntyharju 63 km
Mäntyharju –Ristiina 26 km
Ristiina –Mikkeli 24 km


The first part of the tour follows along the idyllic Vantaanjoki River towards via Tuomarinkylä Manor further to the Helsinki Parish Village. The church in the area and its milieu are part of the best preserved parish village milieu in Southern Finland. Along the river to the centre of Tikkurila there is the Heureka, The Finnish Science Centre with interactive scietific and technological exhibitions. On the route to Järvenpää the area of Tuusulanjärvi is renowned as a popular residential choice for artists, going back for centuries.

In Kellokoski the landscape of the ironworks area of Mariefors is one of the best integrated and most beautiful memorials of the Finnish iron industry. On the way to Lahti the route passes by Mäntsälä and Orimattila where there is a special opportunity to stay overnight in old spinning mill.

Vesijärvi Lake and the harbour area are beautiful places to visit in Lahti. The city is the gateway to Lake Finland and there is an opportinity to continue the tour by inland cruise ship further to Lake Päijänne and to the city of Heinola (note the timetable).

In Mäntyharju worth of visiting are the Salmela Art Centre and Iso-Pappila Museum Area. In Ristiina there are several historic sites to be explored. On the way towards Mikkeli there is a 7 km long historic road and several manor houses and farms to visit. The tour ends in MIkkeli on the market square with food stalls selling local specialities and products..

Good to know


To start the tour

This tour is easy to start outside the capital area from Järvenpää, Mäntsälä or Lahti since those towns can be reached by commuter trains. You may ease off some of the longest legs by using the train, too. From Mikkeli you may return to Helsinki by train or by bus.