Kouvola, Heisanharju nature trail, 2,9 km

2,9 km


Heisanharju Nature Trail travels through beautiful ridge terrain surrounded by four lakes. The lovely clear lakes and small ponds border narrow ridges, which are also suitable for mountain biking in places.

  • Duration: Approx. 1 h
  • Trail markings: An information board at the start of the trail outlines the trail. The trail is clearly marked on trees with white, yellow and red markings.
  • Suitability: The trail is suitable for the whole family. The trail is not wheelchair accessible.

Trail description

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The nature trail first travels along a dirt road and a forest road, occasionally winding through more luxuriant vegetation and under fir trees. There are information boards on the nature of the region along the trail. The road soon becomes a narrow path and the environment changes into a heath typical of the ridge-cut area. The trail travels along ridges and between four clear lakes and ponds. In the area between the lakes there is a well-equipped rest area with a shelter. From the rest area, the trail continues along the lakeside back to the start.

Good to know

The nature trail mainly travels through a heath, which is suitable for light footwear in dry weather. The structures in the rest area were renovated in 2013. The break area also features a well and rowing boat, which are free to use. There are still old structures along the nature trail that require caution..

Difficulty level

Most of the trail is easy to navigate. There is no elevation. Mid-way along the trail, passage is slightly impeded by a short stretch of trail that is slanted sideways and an old broken step, which can be bypassed. Clear markings.

To start the trail

Trail begins at Heisanharju nature trail’s parking place. Heisanharjun nature trail’s parking place Viitasentie 347 47710 Kouvola N61 12.804 E26 29.823


  • Easy trail in ridge terrain
  • Four clear lakes and ponds
  • Well equipped rest area


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