Rautjärvi, Haukkavuori nature trail, 4,4 km


4,4 km


From the top of Haukkavuori hill, stunning views open far into the horizon. The rugged landscapes, sky-blue lakes, green forests and craggy pines clinging to rock are landscapes that reflect the Finnish soul. Haukkavuori is the highest point in the region, with a sudden drop of 80 metres down to the glittering lake below. Haukkavuori is also a historical boundary marker, which marked the borderlines of the treaties of Nöteborg, Teusina and Nystad (in Finnish: Pähkinäsaari, Täyssinä, Uusikaupunki). A boundary marker for the Treaty of Nystad is still visible, carved high in the rock.

  • Duration: Approx. 3 h 3 tuntia
  • Trail markings: The start of the trail has an information board on the trail. The trail is marked with signposts and orange and blue markings on trees. 1.9 km from the start of the trail is an unclear crossing, where the second trail is the correct one.
  • Suitability: Suitable for persons in good physical condition seeking for a challenging trail

Trail description

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The trail travels around Haukkavuori through a varied forest with occasional groves. The start point of the trail has a lean-to and a shelter. From the lean-to, there is a long rise to Haukkavuori, whose top is 80 m above the level of Lake Sarajärvi. There are magnificent views from the top. Haukkavuori is one of the Natura areas of Southeast Finland due to its valuable flora and fauna. A winding nature trail travels down from Haukkavuori through wooded terrain and finally climbs back to the top.

Good to Know

The long Ruokolahti-Rautjärvi-Parikkala (E10) hiking trail overlaps the Haukkavuori trail for a short distance. In dry weather, the trail is also suitable for training shoes. In rainy weather, waterproof trousers and shoes are necessary due to the overgrown vegetation on the forest road. There are no safety rails in Haukkavuori.

Difficulty level

Narrow at times, the trail winds through woods and over rocks that can be slippery in the rain, and a lot of trees have fallen across the trail. The trail features steep climbs and much elevation change. Some steep spots have stairs, which are in slightly rough condition. The trail requires good physical condition and agility.

To start the trail

Haukkavuori parking area
Haukkavuorentie 235
N61 29.041 E29 13.746


  • Stunning views from Haukkavuori rock
  • Historical boundary marker


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