Turku – Hämeenlinna, The Historic Ox Road, 169km


169 km


The route was already known in Viking times and has been used by brigands, pilgrims and traders. It features mediaeval castles and churches. The precious cultural scenery of the Aura River valley changes into the forested natoinal park areas.

Turku–Tarvasjoki 35 km
Tarvasjoki–Somero 51 km
Somero–Forssa 25 km
Forssa–Renko 41 km
Renko–Hämeenlinna 17 km

Route description

Leaving behind the historic sites of Turku: Turku Castle and Turku Cathedral  the Finnish national landscape at its most beautiful opens up with cultivated riversides, dwellings in a ribbon alongside the river, and well-preserved old  farmhouses. The Vanhalinna manor centre grounds in Lieto are worth visiting; they have an impressive view over their surroundings.

The trip continues through fertile countryside in a verdant river valley in Tarvasjoki. The sky is blue and the golden fields are dotted by houses in the river valley – this route is easy to cycle.

The scenery becomes more forested. The route passes through the Torronsuo National Park and is characterised by murky bogs. The eastern part of the park in particular has stunning scenery.

The centre of Forssa is characterised by the historic cotton mill milieu next to the rapids of the Loimijoki River. In the idyllic area, you can visit museums and art exhibitions and admire the carefully restored environment.

Now the route moves on to a forest, in the middle of which is the charming village of Porras. A narrow neck of land leads to the village; next to it is the Saari Folk Park with its observation tower and beach. Porras-Renko is a museum road, and the road from Tammela to Hämeenlinna is in a nationally valuable scenic area. From Renko, there is only a short trip to Hämeenlinna, and the scenery changes from forest into cultivated and inhabited countryside.

Good to know

This tour suits well for families with children,  the terrain is flat and the daily distances are not very long. There is plenty of accommodation along the way, and small places to stay with a unique charm.

To start the tour

The tour starts in Turku but also Hämeenlinna is a good starting point. Both cities can be reached by public transportation.





Tourist Offices:

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Hämeenlinna Tourist Office, Raatihuoneenkatu 11, 13200 Hämeenlinna.
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