Hämeenlinna-Valkeakoski-Hauho-Lammi-Hämeenlinna, Häme tour of culture and history, 194 km


175 km


Experience the best parts of Häme region’s history and culture. This cycle tour offers several interesting sites from prehistoric residences and tombs to Middle Age churches and manors. Route passes through idyllic countryside along woods and fields with lakes shimmering on the background.

Duration: 3-4 days

Hämeenlinna – Valkeakoski 58 km
Valkeakoski – Hauho 43 km
Hauho – Lammi 38 km
Lammi – Hämeenlinna 55 km

Route description

The Häme Castle and green park landscapes of Aulanko are left behind when heading from Hämeenlinna to Hattula. In Hattula you can find the oldest church in Häme, the gorgeous Pyhän ristin kirkko. Iittala offers a great perspective to the history and the present day of Finnish glass industry. Soon after Iittala you arrive to Sääksmäki, situated in Pirkanmaa province. Lakes are shimmering on both sides of the road when arriving to Sääksmäki bridge. Sääksämäki is situated in Vanajavesi valley and here you can find the ruins of an ancient castle as well as Sääksmäki Church and the manors of Rapola and Voipaala originating from the Middle Age. Now it is only a short drive to the industrial town of Valkeakoski. The old industrial sites on the shores of Valkeakoski canal are found in the center, telling the history of the factories in this small town. The landscape of Valkeakoski is dominated by vast waters and charming trails. Nature and water are always close by.

Route continues from Valkeakoski towards Pälkäne. The landscapes vary from forests to fields and residential areas with lakes showing on the background every now and then. There are several prehistoric graves in the area. Alvettula village on Hauho’s side is a good example of cultural environment with a long history. Alvettula is best known from a museum bridge built in 1916. The old part of Hauho center is an idyllic old village area with old wooden buildings on the shores of Hauhonselkä. When cycling towards Vuorenharju you arrive to a charming residential area facing a lake landscape.

After Hauho its time to continue towards Tuulos. Route passes through countryside landscape and the southern shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Tuulos is also a good example of an old cultural setting. The main landmark is the Middle Age Church of Tuulos. Laurinkallio rock offers a good views over the regions cultural-, forest- and lake landscapes. It’s time to head around Lake Ormijärvi towards Lammi, where you can find yet another beautiful old church. You can get familiar with sahti (a finnish home-brewed beer) and linen in a local history museum.

The route continues in the middle of forests along winding road towards Janakkala. Along the way you can find Suurisuo mire’s nature trail, where it’s possible to spot several rare plants. There are also several mire types in Suurisuo area, including rich fens and spruce swamps that are nowadays rare in Southern Finland. Janakkala’s history presents itself with several relics, museums and manor tradition. The Vanajavesi Valley between Janakkala and Hattula forms one of the Finland’s most significant manor areas. After Janakkala it’s time to continue to the route’s ending point in Hämeenlinna.

Good to know

The route is easy with moderate day trips and easy terrain. Services are sometimes scarce, so it is important to plan the drinking water supplies and packed lunches well ahead. The route is also suitable for families and beginners.

To start the tour

Tour can be started from Hämeenlinna, Valkeakoski, Hauho or Lammi. You can also choose to cycle only part of the route by taking a bus ride and cycling for example from Hämeenlinna to Hauho. Hämeenlinna is easily reched by car, bus and train.


Stop at the berry- and vineyards between Valkeakoski and Hauho. If you want alternative activities along cycling it’s a good option to hike in Suurisuo mire’s Nature trail or get familiar with some of the magnificent old churches along the way.



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