EuroVelo 13 Näätämö – Vaalimaa 1683 km


1683 km


Route description

Experience Finland’s nature in its pureness and its beauties at the same time when you ride your bike through the fells, forest and countryside along the EuroVelo 13 – route. Along EuroVelo 13, you can admire gorgeous lake scenery and explore war history and extraordinary nature. Up north you will enjoy the silence, nature’s peace, which you aren’t able to experience very often. More south, the closeness of the eastern border is evident; old watchtowers are seen in the horizon and the border area is next to the EuroVelo 13 route.

For centuries, Finland’s current eastern border region areas have experienced lively peaceful interaction as well as belligerence times. The eastern border offers comprehensive and versatile areas, which offers experiences to those who are interested in war history and cultural-identity. Finland’s eastern border does not leave anyone cold and when you ride along the EuroVelo 13 route you will see and sense the effects of the war.




  • Näätämö – Kuusamo (672,5 km)
  • Kuusamo – Lieksa (409 km)
  • Lieksa – Vaalimaa (601,5 km)


The route is divided to three different sections

Näätämö –  Kuusamo (672,5 km)

See the north’s spectacular rugged fells with reindeer when you ride through Lapland. Learn to know the Sami culture and Finland’s beautiful clean nature without forgetting war history.

From the village of Näätämö, next to the border between Norway and Finland, you will ride at a slight incline along the EuroVelo 13 route through wilderness and fells towards Inari. You will pass the third largest lake in Finland, Inarijärvi. Sevettijärvi, pure and original Sami village is one of the rare places, where you will hear Skolt Sami language in everyday use. The village’s heritage house acts as a museum to showcase the culture of the Skolts


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Kuusamo – Lieksa (409 km)

Cycle through vast ancient forests and tree-covered hills, where you are able to enjoy the peacefulness of the nature. Visit Finland’s most famous war history areas and learn about Kalevala as well as the life of the small villages.

South of Kuusamo, the EuroVelo 13 trail follows the eastern forest scenery. The cyclists will find themselves in the middle of the wilderness, where services and people are sparse. Along Poussuntie road, close to Lahtela’s hut, there are signs leading to Vanttajajärvi, where you will find among other things large destroyed bunkers as well as shooting foxholes.


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Lieksa – Vaalimaa (601,5 km)

The closeness of the eastern border and watchtowers far in the horizon, as well as the war history attractions are a part of your trip in the south. Cycle through countryside, past glimmering lakes and get to know the local style of living both in small and bigger towns.

The EuroVelo 13 trail from Lieksa’s center to Pankakoski is mainly smooth, but later turns hilly. In Lieksa’s Hatunkylä, there resides the defense line of the Winter War times known as Viisikon Linja, which was the best armed defensive line of Lieksa. In Ilomantsi’s Hattuvaara, Finland’s most eastern town, you will find Soldier’s Trail, the war time memorial trail. You will also find many other war memorials here. The Soldier’s Trail was built by veterans of the war, as well as the townspeople. In the town you will also find Makkola Museum Farm as well as Europe’s oldest Orthodox Chapel that is still in use. There are trips from Hattuvaara to the most eastern point of the continental Europe, which resides 18 km from the center of town.


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