Helsinki-Porvoo-Loviisa-Lapinjärvi-Pukkila-Sipoo-Helsinki, Eastern Uusimaa tour, 259 km


259 km


The unique mood of the small towns by the sea accompanied with beautiful countryside and historical sights attracts you to enjoy this beautiful route. Old Porvoo and Loviisa are charming small towns with enchanting history. After leaving the coastline behind, the route passes through most beautiful countryside. Along the route you can find a part of the Struve Geodetic Arc and the impressive Giant’s Getlles in Askola. This easygoing route continues to an old cultural landscape with a background from 14th century. The significant sites include St. Sigfrid’s church in Sipoo, Sotunki village and Vantaanjoki River. Helsinki was originally established on the spot where Vantaanjoki River runs to the sea.


Duration: 6 days

Helsinki – Söderkulla 30 km
Söderkulla – Isnäs 44 km
Isnäs – Lapinjärvi 60 km
Lapinjärvi – Pukkila 41 km
Pukkila – Sipoo 45 km
Sipoo – Helsinki 39 km

Route description

Journey from Helsinki starts by following the eastern shoreline. Pohjoisranta and Merihaka with long boat rows, Kulosaari with its beautiful villas and Herttoniemi with beautiful beaches show the best sides of coastal Helsinki. City landscapes turn into lush forests and fertile fields with birds singing when reaching Sipoo. The idyllic Söderkulla calls for a break.

Route continues to Porvoo with beautiful meadows flourishing with colorful flowers. Porvoo is a fascinating mixture of old and new. The Porvoo Cathedral guards the old town and acts as an excellent landmark. The red shed along Porvoonjoki River, idyllic yards and the cobbled streets create Porvoo’s own athmosphere. Route continues east towards Isnäs in hilly countryside and forest landscapes. An old sawmill milieu is waiting in Isnäs with old buildings bringing a breeze from the past. Area is very beautiful in summertime.

Route continues towards Koskenkylä and Pernaja. From here it is only a short distance to Loviisa, whose neo-gothic church’s tower can be seen far away. Loviisa is a lively summer town with wooden neighborhood full of beautiful houses and gardens. Next to market square you can find stone houses from the 19th century. After Loviisa there is a fortress from the 18th century along the route. You can find giant’s kettles and impressive, over 10 meters high, erratic boulder on the shores of Lake Hopjärvi. You can sense the peaceful mood in the small village of Lapinjärvi.

The route continues northwest from Lapinjärvi to Porlammi, where you can spot one point of the Struve Geodetic Arc that belong to the Unesco World Heritage site list. Countryside landscapes surround the route on the way to Myrskylä. The terrain has some long but easy hills making it a little more physical than previous sections. The landscape changes from countryside to forest before reaching Myrskylä.

After Pukkila the route follows Porvoonjoki River to Askola, where you can find the impressive Kirnukallio Giant’s Kettles by the road. Kirnukallio hill offers a beautiful landscape to the valley of Porvoonjoki River and Kirveskallio hill. The prehistorical collection in Askola Local Museum is exceptional for the area’s museums and well worth seeing. Route continues west from Askola to Pornainen, where you can visit the local museum and church. Two nice beaches are waiting on the shores of Lake Kotojärvi. From Kotojärvi the route follows old King’s road towards Nikkilä and Sipoo, where you can visit the St Sigfrid’s Church from the 15th century. The old King’s Road passes through Sipoo.

The route travels trough inhabited areas from Sipoo to Sotunki village. Sotunki has a significant cultural history dating back to the 14th century. The rocky Högberget hill in Sipoonkorpi National Park offers a great view over Sipoo. The next notable areas by the route are Viikki and Vanhankaupunginlahti. Together with Vantaanjoki River they form a unique natural environment in the middle of Helsinki. The way back to the center travels through Arabianranta and Sörnäinen before reaching the ending point of this diverse route.

Good to know

Roiute is not very demanding, but terrain is quite hilly at times. Journey should be planned carefully and it is recommended to book accommodations in advance. Especially between Lapinjärvi and Sotunki there are mainly small accommodation places that are quite sparse and they are quite busy during the summer months.

To start the route

Route can be started from Helsinki or alternatively from some of the other places along the route by using the good bus connections. Express bus lines can transport bicycles.








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