Helsinki-Hämeenlinna, Culture from Helsinki to Hämeenlinna, 131 km


131 km


This route takes you north of Helsinki. Southern Finland is densely populated and this route travels mainly on inhabited regions through blooming fields, green forests and beautiful residential areas. Route starts from Helsinki via Arabianranta towards Tuusulanjärvi cultural landscapes and Kellokoski Iron Works area. Time flies by while exploring the historic castles, churches and manors in Häme region. Area is the oldest cultural landscape of Finnish inland with extensive amount of museums.

Duration: 4 pv

Helsinki – Tuusula 39 km
Tuusula – Riihimäki 45 km
Riihimäki – Hämeenlinna 47 km

Route description

Route starts from Helsinki center towards Arabianranta, where you can spot over 300 artworks; sculptures, graphic concrete, photographs, paintings, mosaics, light art etc. The route follows idyllic Vantaanjoki River from Vanhankaupunginlahti towards Tuomarinkylä manor. Route continues on eastern side of the river towards Helsinki Parish village (Helsingin Pitäjän Kirkonkylä) and Tikkurila center. Science Center Heureka with its fascinating interactive exhibitions is next to the route. Now it’s time to cross the river and head west towards Tuusula.

The history of Tuusulanjärvi is unique. Many of the finnish golden age masters settled on the easter shore of Lake Tuusulanjärvi in the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Rantatie road in Tuusula was granted museum road status in 1982, due to its history, landscape values and uniqueness created by artist settlement. Rantatie road is about three kilometers long and it connects with the road to Järvenpää on both ends. Along the road you can enjoy art, culture and the historical landscapes. Along the road you can find the Finnish national writer Aleksis Kivi’s memorial cottage, Halosenniemi art museum, Erkkola art house and Syväranta Lotta museum. On Järvenpää’s side you can find Ahola and Ainola, the home of Jean Sibelius. There are beautiful countryside landscapes on the western shores of the lake, and here you can find Tuusulanjärvi artist community’s last well known house, Villa Kokkonen designed by Alvar Aalto.

Journey continues from Järvenpää to Kellokoski through fields and inhabited areas. Mariefors Ironworks area in Kellokoski is one of the most beautiful memorials of Finnish iron industry’s history. On the way to Hyvinkää the route passes through countryside landscapes and inhabited areas close to the railway. In Hyvinkää you can get familiar with Villatehdas and the Finnish Railway Museum before continuing towards Riihimäki. There is a cycle track all the way to Riihimäki passing nice countryside and forest landscapes. In Riihimäki there are the Finnish glass museum as well as the Hunting Museum of Finland.

Route continues towards Tervakoski passing by fields, farms, and some inhabited areas. Tervakoski’s historical industrial milieu is worth seeing. After Tervakoski there are rivers surrounding the way to Janakkala with its landmark, St. Lawrence Church. Crofter’s Museum of Laurinmäki and Hakoinen cultural landscape are also worth a look. Forests and fields follow each other when continuing towards Hämeenlinna, where Sibelius’ birth place, Häme Castle and Aulanko Nature Reserve offer interesting sights for a visit. The Easiest way back to Helsinki is to take a train.

Good to know

If you travle by train, reserve a place for a bike in advance. There are lots of interesting sights along the route, so it is a good idea to reserve enough time to explore the fascinating sites.

An abundance of resting possibilities, relatively flat terrain and moderate day trips makes this route suitable for beginners and families with children.

To start the route

Route begins from Helsinki, but it can also be started from other cities along the route: Tuusula, Järvenpää, Riihimäki and Hämeenlinna.