Helsinki–Nurmijärvi–Hyvinkää–Tuusula–Helsinki, Culture and nature in central Uusimaa, 145km


145 km


Finland’s nature shows its most beautiful side during summer with fertile fields, green forests and glimmering lakes creating a beautiful backdrop for a bicycle tour. Vantaanjoki River with its rapids leads to Nurmijärvi. Greenness continues in Sveitsi Park in Hyvinkää, where you can also find the Finnish Railways Museum. In Tuusulanjärvi region offers an abundance of interesting cultural sights.

Duration: 4 days

Helsinki – Nurmijärvi 44 km
Nurmijärvi – Hyvinkää 27 km
Hyvinkää – Tuusula 34 km
Tuusula – Helsinki 40 km

Route description

Route starts by passing through Maunula, Pirkkola and Paloheinä in park landscapes. The surroundings of Vantaankoski rapids are known as a site of Stone Age residence. In the beginning of the 19th century the area was used by ironworks. Vantaankoski surroundings belong to a protected and nationally valuable Vantaanjoki Valley landscape area. From here the route continues north towards Nurmijärvi. Vantaanjoki River meanders along the route and it’s crossed a few times on the way. River offers beautiful landscapes to enjoy during a break. Myllykoski rapid in Nurmijärvi is a naturally beautiful sight with its museum bridge. An important part of Nurmijärvi’s history has to do with the live of the Finnish National Writer Aleksis Kivi. His birthplace can be found in Palojoki village and nowadays it works as a museum. Next to the museum is Taaborinvuori museum area with several events arranged there during the summer months.

Vantaanjoki flows through the center of Nurmijärvi and the route follows it to Nukarinkoski rapids known as a biggest rapid area in Vantaanjoki River with its length of over 2 km and drop of 25 meters. These beautiful rapids offer a magnificent fishing spot. There are also several small trails in the area. In Hyvinkää you can exlore the town’s services and get familiar the Finnish Railway Museum. Sveitsi Nature Reseve Area established in 1989 is a part of first Salpausselkä ridge and it’s a very popular recreational area established in 1989.

Route follows the railroad south from Hyvinkää passing Jokela village on the way to Kellokoski. The sights in Kellokoski village include an arboretum and Kellokoski ironworks area. The lively town of Järvenpää waits on the northern end of Lake Tuusulanjärvi. Järvenpää is known from Jean Sibelius and culture plays an important role also in today´s Järvenpää. Lake Tuusulanjärvi is the pearl of Southern Finland with its diverse history and the museum road displaying the interesting cultural sights on the way to Tuusula.

The way back to Helsinki is passed on cycle tracks. The final day offers culture in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Science Center Heureka is right next to the route. It’s wide ranging interactive exhibitions are exciting for the whole family. Heureka’s planetarium is among the most modern digital planetariums in Europe and well worth visiting. The route continues towards the Helsinki Parish village (Helsingin Pitäjän Kirkonkylä). On the way to the center you can admire over 300 pieces artwork in Arabianranta area.

Good to know

Route is easy with only little altitude difference. There are a plenty of rest places and day trips are moderate.

To start the route

The route description starts from the main railway station in the center of Helsinki. Alternatively you can start the tour from other towns along the route with good train and bus connections.