Helsinki-Nuuksio-Nurmijärvi-Helsinki, Central Uusimaa tour, 137km


137 km


The diverse nature of Uusimaa displays itself right after leaving the city area. Green forests and mounding terrain make up for a great setting for a bicycle tour. Tour begins with seashore landscapes towards Espoo. Nuuksio National Park offers wilderness like nature experiences. Flourishing countryside changes to a built environment in Nurmijärvi. Vantaanjoki river valley leads the way back south with its beautiful rapids. Then it’s time to return to the center of Helsinki through several parks.

Duration: 3 days
Helsinki – Nuuksio 44 km
Nuuksio – Nurmijärvi 50 km
Nurmijärvi – Helsinki 43 km

Route description

Tour begins from the center of Helsinki following the shores of Meilahti to Munkkiniemi and continues westward. The most interesting sights in the beginning is newly reopened Urho Kekkonen Museum in Tamminiemi. House has been renovated honoring the heritage and inside you can sense the spirit of the 70´s. There is also a lot to see at garden like Viherlaakso and northside of Kauniainen with it´s beautiful houses and yards. Slowly the residential areas are left behind and the route leads towards Nuuksio National Park located on the border of oak belt and southern coniferous forest belt. Landscape is very rocky and the traces of the Ice Age can be seen in the shapes of gorges and valleys. Many plants living on these steep hillsides and several bonds in the area attract a variety of birds. There is a guided cycling route going through the National Park. You can also find a plenty of hiking trails and accommodation options in the area.

Tour continues north in mounding terrain. On the way there are forests sections and some inhabited regions in between. Otalampi community is built around the railway, with several protected buildings making up for interesting views. On Nurmijärvi’s side the small villages of Nummenpää and Röykkä are passed before arriving to Nurmijärvi through Kiljava. In Kiljava you can find nice sandy beach ashore of lake Sääksjärvi, making up for a great swimming place. The vibrant center of Nurmijärvi offers several services. In Kiljava and Nurmijärvi you can find a variety of accommodation options.

The route follows Vantaanjoki river from Nurmijärvi to Helsinki. Famous Finnish writer’s, Aleksis Kivi’s, birthplace is nowadays a museum in Palojoki village. Next to the Aleksis Kivi museum is Taaborinvuori museum area where you can get familiar with everyday life in the beginning of the 20th century. There are also several cultural events in the area during summertime. Myllykoski rapids is an impressive sight especially during springtime. There is a lot of history around Myllykoski rapids. It used to be among the best mill places in Nurmijärvi and in the 1920’s they built Nurmijärvi’s first power plant on the shore of Myllykoski. There is a historic bridge for pedestrians and bicyclers crossin the river. You can also find good hiking trails in the area and Myllykoski is a popular fly-fishing area. Tour continues south towards Vantaa. Vantaanjoki river meanders along the route and it is crossed a few times on the way. The rest of the route goes through several park landscapes in Helsinki before reaching the center.

Good to know

Day trips are moderate and there are some elevation differences along the route, but not long ascents. Route is suitable for beginners, but it’s good to reserve enough time to complete it. Cycling distance of the first day can be shortened by taking a train to the center of Espoo and the last day by taking a train from Vantaankoski to Helsinki. Route can be varied also by taking a bus to Nuuksio or Nurmijärvi.

To start the tour

Tour starts from the Helsinki Railway station.