Asikkala, Aurinko-Ilves trail, 31 km


31 km


The magnificent Aurinko-Ilves trail takes the hiker from the beautiful scenery of the Vääksy Canal and the centre of Asikkala towards the Evo Hiking Area along paths, sawdust tracks and old forest roads. The scenery becomes more and more forested until you reach Evo, one of the largest continuous forest areas in Southern Finland.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Trail markings: The trail is marked with Aurinko-Ilves markings
    as well as yellow and/or orange markings
  • Suitability: There are some changes in elevation in the terrain
    as well as areas that are not easily passable.

Trail description

The Aurinko-Ilves trail starts either at Vääksy Sports Centre, or alternatively from the yard of Päijänne House. After Kuurnanmäki Hill, there is a lean-to at a good location, from which you can see far. On the northern side of Aurinkovuori Hill, there are the Syrjänsupat Kettles created by the Ice Age. You can reach them by taking a separate 1½-kilometre loop. Before the Kurhila village and the Vanha Kevar café, you travel through countryside. The rest of the trail passes mainly through oldforest roads in forest terrain, sometimes taking to small paths.

Good to know

There is frequent ship traffic between Lake Vesijärvi and Lake Päijänne. You can take a Lahti–Asikkala cruise, for example, in beautiful lakeland scenery. There are also two bicycle routes between Asikkala and Lahti. The ship M/S Elbatar sails in the Päijänne National Park.

Difficulty level

The hiking trail crosses over difficult terrain at times, and there are some steep hills on the way. After heavy rain, the surface of the trail is soft. The trail starts from the centre of Asikkala, with good services. There are four lean-tos with campfire sites and toilets along the trail. Due to the length of the trail, you should reserve plenty of time and food for the trip. Because of sections with tall grass and worn trail markings, you should also take a map with you.

To start the trail

You can start the trail from Päijännetalolta tourist info by Vääksy canal or from Vääksy sports center. Beginning of the trail is easily reached by frequent bus connections to Vääksy. Closest bus stop is only couple hundred meters from Vääksy Sports Center or Päijännetalo tourist info. From the end of trail you need a car or taxi to get back if you don’t want to go back by foot.

Start of the trail:
Vääksy Sports centre
Asikkalantie 16
17200 Vääksy
N61 10.688 E25 31.308

End of the trail:
Mustalammi Evo
Talvilammentie 549
16970 Hämeenlinna
N61 14.139 E25.11.524



Photo gallery of Aurinko-Ilves trail: