Hämeenlinna, Aulangonjärvi trail, 5,8 km


5,8 km


The trail, which circles Lake Aulangonjärvi, runs 3 through Finnish national landscapes that have delighted people and inspired artists for centuries. Aulanko is a nature reserve in Hämeenlinna with much to see and experience for the whole family.

  • Duration: Approx. 3 h
  • Trail markings: Marked with yellow paint markings
  • Suitability: The terrain is easy to navigate, but the surface varies from duckboards to paths with some rocky patches and tree roots

Trail description

The trail follows an exercise track on the west shore and a forest track on the east shore. The first part of the trail goes along a dirt road with clear signage. After 1½ kilometres, the trail involves duckboards and some rocky patches and tree roots near the south-eastern part of the lake. The rest of the trail is easier, though it features the Käärmekallio Rocks, which rise over 30 metres above the level of Lake Aulangonjärvi. The bird species found in the old forests of Aulanko include the three-toed woodpecker, Ural owl and Eurasian treecreeper.

Good to know

The trail is easy to combine with other routes of the Aulanko region. The start point, Aulanko leisure activity cottage has a campfire shelter, and there are other campfire sites along the trail. The leisure activity cottage also features a café and has a sauna and sports equipment for rent. There are three places to swim along the trail: Aulanko leisure activity cottage (also in the winter), Kihtersuo in Lake Aulangonjärvi and Lusikkaniemi (pier).

The north end of Lake Aulangonjärvi holds Aulanko holiday village, which features holiday cottages, the main building, sauna and youth hostel.

Difficulty level

The south-eastern part of the route has duckboards. In rainy weather, the trail develops muddy patches and the ground and duckboards may be slippery. The climb to the top of the Käärmekallio Rocks is the most demanding part of the trail.

To start the trail

Trail starts at Aulangon ulkoilumaja, Aulanko is easy to reach by own car or public transportation.

Starting point:
Linnanen 75
13220 Hämeenlinna
N61 01.695 E24 27.722

There are guide signs to Aulanko from Helsinki – Tampere-highway (road 3) and Turku – Lahti-highway (road 10). There is public bus connection from center of Hämeenlinna to Hotel Aulanko.



Photo gallery of Aulangonjärvi trail: